You Can Have a Private SIBO Test In the UK

You Can Have a Private SIBO Test In the UK

You Can Have a Private SIBO Test In the UK : Health is and should be paramount in the life of every individual and health challenges should be followed up with the proper attention that it deserves. Equally important also, is health education so as to get people rightly informed on certain basics that they should know about their health.

Health education and information further helps people to know the options available to them in case of health challenges. An example of what to know in case of health challenges is the availability of SIBO tests.

What Does SIBO Mean?

It stands for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and it can be said to have occurred in an individual when there is an above normal or overpopulation of the bacterial content in the individual’s small intestine. Again, it could also be that the bacteria found in the small intestine are unusual and shouldn’t normally be found there; this condition is also called the blind loop syndrome. You can read more about it here .

This small intestinal bacterial overgrowth occurs when certain occurrence slows food and even waste passage through the digestive tract. This situation creates a fertile ground for the breeding of bacteria causing health conditions like diarrhea, malnutrition and weight loss.

What Are The Symptoms?

Every health challenge has certain symptoms that come with it. Certain health conditions also have similar symptoms therefore, care should be taken so as not to conflate different health issues together because of the similarity of symptoms. Some of the symptoms of SIBO include:

  • Abdominal pains
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Unintended weight loss
  • Bloating

If you notice that you or anyone close to you is experiencing this challenge, it is wise to immediately seek immediate medical care . There is also need for a thorough medical examination by a doctor to ensure that the health condition is actually SIBO.

What Are Its Causes?

Abdominal Surgery Complications

Many of the persons who have or had experienced this condition before had one thing in common; which was that they had undergone one form of abdominal surgery or the other for whatever reason. Therefore, sometimes, as an after effect of the surgery, this condition pops up.

Structural Problems with the Small intestine

This simply refers to the situation or condition of your small intestine. Sometimes, it could be that scar tissues have wrapped itself around the external areas of the small intestine and some of the outgrowth from that tissue is at or has gone through your bowels walls. This situation or condition is known as intestinal diverticulosis and it obviously also slows down the process of food digestion.

Medical Conditions

There are other medical conditions that can result in SIBO; the major impact of these conditions again is that they slow down food and waste product movement from the small intestine. Some of these other health conditions include; scleroderma, diabetes, radiation enteritis and celiac disease.

Detecting SIBO In The Body: The SIBO Test

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in the body is usually detected through a breath test which is also called a hydrogen test. This breath test is conducted using a kit known as the SIBO test kit. With it, the bacterial content in your breath is analyzed to find out if you have the condition. There are two types of tests available; they are:

  • The standard breath test and
  • The glucose breath test

The Standard Breath Test

It is also called the lactulose breath test. It is a type of sugar that is non-absorbable and which is sometimes mistaken for lactose which is the type of sugar found in all dairy produce. This also means that it is free of any dairy content. This test is able to go through every part of the small intestine to pick up any bacterial content found in any part of it.

The Glucose Test

This type of test is also very accurate in detecting bacterial content in the small intestine (experts are of the opinion that it is even more accurate than the standard breath test). On the other hand, however, it is not as thorough because it can miss the bacterial overgrowth if it is further down the small intestine.

On an individual level, you can get your own private SIBO test in the UK with simple kits. It is your choice to pick the type of kit that you want and get the proper directions from a professional on how to use them.


Everyone experiences one form of health challenge or the other at certain points in life. Knowing what it is that you are suffering from is the first step towards getting cured of whatever the condition is.

There are different ways of detecting the health challenge a person is facing. For small intestinal bacterial overgrowth health condition, SIBO test kits are the way to detect the challenge.

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You Can Have a Private SIBO Test In the UK

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