Workout Gear, Clothing and Tech That’ll Keep You Moving When It’s Cold

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Product Selection: Emily Howes | Image: Suech and Beck

Cork Yoga Mat, Everlast Training Gloves and More

Upgrade your shabby yoga mat to a sustainable cork version that won’t be such an eyesore in your quarters.
TJX/Winners Assorted Yoga Mats, $ 25, Winners

These training gloves sure do look pretty—but they also feature ventilated palms to increase airflow, a quick-dry lining to prevent bacteria (and odours) and the right fit to keep your fists protected.
Everlast Women’s Pro Style elite 2.0 Training Gloves in Pink/Blue, $ 65,

Don’t forget to—you know what’s coming—stay hydrated! This leak-proof bottle will keep your water cold for 24 hours or, if you prefer, hot for 12 hours.
Goodee, Bottle, $ 29,

Keep track of your mental and physical health with this Fitbit watch that’s equipped with tools to help you manage your stress, pay attention to your heart health, and more.
Fitbit Sense, $ 400,

We love this deodorant not only because it’s aluminum-free, paraben-free, and ethically made, but also because it comes in a refillable container.
Goodee Deodorant Kindfill Eucalyptus $ 16,

Après-workout, wash off the sweat and apply this soothing, cooling face moisturizer.
Lululemon Crush the flush Duo set, $ 34 (only 1 of the items is displayed),

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Product Selection: Emily Howes | Image: Suech and Beck

Buzzy Massage Tools

This compact version of the Theragun will still work out those cramps, kinks, and tension aches, but is a little more convenient (and cost-effective) than the original.
Theragun Mini, $ 249,

For an array of muscle pain, from twinges to deep aches, this five-speed gun can offer feel-good benefits like a professional massage therapist.
TJX/Marshalls Five-Speed Deep Tissue Massage Gun, $ 100, Winners

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Product Selection: Emily Howes | Image: Suech and Beck

Post-Workout Recovery Picks

Release your post-workout muscle tightness with this recovery ball set, designed to target both small and large muscle groups.
Lululemon Release and Recover Ball set, $ 28,

After your cool-down shower, coat your body in this lightweight oil, massaging it into skin to target tender muscles and the dry skin triggered by fall’s cool temps.
Goodee Kaya Jungle Firming Body Oil by Costa Brazil, $ 127,

Soothe aches and pains and melt away your worries with a relaxing soak. These bath salts offer a heavenly scent of roses, which is bound to calm the mind, and is made with Epsom salts, which can help relieve muscle pain.
Goodee Kalkay Wild Rose Yarrow Bath Salts by Shwalwen Botanicals, $ 22,

Recharge with a nutrient-dense drink. Complete with organic turmeric and ashwagandha, this adaptogen blend is said to reduce inflammation, boost metabolism, and elevate your mood.
Lake & Oak Tea Co. Sun Mylk, $ 18,

long with the glories of fall—like the beautiful scenic runs—come the detriments—like flaky lips. Keep your pout hydrated with a moisturizing lip balm, like this pick which is made with organic shea butter.
Empathy Brand Lip Balm, $ 14,

Keep your cool after your high-intensity workout with a hydrating face mist that’ll refresh dry skin.
Empathy Brand Hydrating Face mist, $ 24,

Now that you know the best workout gear in Canada, check out our picks for a healthy, happy home office.

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