Why You Should Be Using a Conditioner As Part of Your Haircare Routine

Why You Should Be Using a Conditioner As Part of Your Haircare Routine

Why You Should Be Using a Conditioner As Part of Your Haircare Routine : We’ve all been there. You’ve jumped into the shower, and you’re looking at the rack of products sitting nearby. Maybe you’re tired

The reality is that you need to use these two products in partnership to achieve healthy hair .

Conditioner works separately from your shampoo and has its own unique properties.

If you’re suffering from hair loss or thinning, conditioner is even more important to repair the state of your hair. We’re going to cover everything you need to know about conditioners and why they’re a vital part of any hair care routine.

What is a Conditioner?

With the rise in popularity of all-in-one products, you could be forgiven for thinking you didn’t need to use a conditioner. This product is the all-important second step in your haircare routine. It works to get rid of the sweat and dead skin cells which clog up your scalp. Conditioner also helps to get any shampoo residue out of your hair and leaves it feeling soft to the touch.

How to Apply Conditioner

Start your hair care routine by washing your hair with shampoo and making sure to rinse the product out of your hair. Take a small amount of conditioner (around the size of a large coin) and apply it through the ends of your hair. Don’t put conditioner near your scalp. You can run the product through your hair by using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. It’s a good idea to give the conditioner a few minutes to set in your hair before rinsing it off.

Who Needs to Use a Conditioner?

The short answer is everyone.

Your scalp produces sebum, an oil that is essentially a natural conditioner. Every time you apply shampoo to your hair , you’re stripping the follicles of this sebum.

If you have thinner hair or have suffered from hair loss in the past, then a conditioner is non-negotiable. Conditioner helps to protect the hair shaft from breakage and makes the hair more flexible for styling.

Most of us have suffered damage to our hair.  Either through dying the colour or from normal wear and tear from using hair scrunchies. If you’re someone who styles their hair using hot tools, or if you’re a fan of a box dye, you’ll want to pay close attention to your conditioner. It can help reduce the frizz in your hair and restore its moisture levels. Conditioner also helps prevent split ends and makes your hair easier to brush through by preventing any tangling.

If you have hair that is prone to breakage, you can wash your hair with only a conditioner for a gentler clean. It’s best to only use this method every once in a while and for no longer than two weeks.

How are Shampoo and Conditioner Different?

If you want to think of your haircare routine as being like your skincare products, the shampoo is the cleanser, and your conditioner is the moisturizer. Both have separate roles to play, and they work best when you use them in unison.

Shampoo removes the sweat and dirt from your hair. As the product works to clean your hair, it also strips your hair of its moisture.

Condition, on the other hand, hydrates your hair and helps restore its moisture levels. It makes your hair softer and easier to brush through by preventing tangles and knots. Conditioner can also give your hair a natural and healthy shine, as well as helping to restore its pH balance.

When you condition your hair, you’re fortifying the cuticles with a protective coating that prevents breakage and encourages hair growth. Just think of everything you put your hair through in the day. Even if you only brush your hair and don’t apply any products, there are still environmental factors to consider. Things like air conditioning and pollution can cause your hair’s protective layer to break down and for free radical damage to cause thinning or hair loss.

Even if you don’t currently from these issues, using a conditioner can be a preventive measure as much as a cure. Without using a conditioner, you can expect your hair to become brittle, prone to breakage, and more likely to become a tangled mess.

If you’re only using shampoo to look after your hair, then you’re missing out on a whole myriad of benefits. You’ll start seeing a difference in the condition of your hair within just a few washes, with it looking healthier and having a natural shine.

The Hair Restore Conditioner

Our conditioners are specifically formulated to help combat hair loss by using revolutionary science and the latest research to give you thicker and fuller-looking hair. Our unique formula contains twenty ingredients, clinically proven to prevent hair loss, block DHT, and promote hair growth.

As DHT is the leading cause of hair loss, we’ve created our signature ‘DHT Halting Technology’ to prevent hair loss at the source and to promote the healthiest and thickest hair possible.

The Hair Restore Conditioner is backed up by over twenty years of research and comes with a 60-day moneyback guarantee. It’s free of sulfates, parabens, and harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good. This salon-quality conditioner is recommended by dozens of hair loss professionals as an at-home treatment to stimulate hair growth.

Using a conditioner is an easy ( and affordable!) way to prevent and tackle hair loss and thinning. You can use it as a preventative measure or as a way of improving the health of your hair. While you might think it’s easier to use only shampoo, we can all benefit from a conditioner. It only takes a few minutes extra, and it can make all the difference to your hair. The new golden rule for your haircare routine is to never skip your conditioner again. Trust us, your hair will thank you!

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Why You Should Be Using a Conditioner As Part of Your Haircare Routine

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