What Is The Right Hat For A Woman’s Head Shape?

What Is The Right Hat For A Woman’s Head Shape?

What Is The Right Hat For A Woman’s Head Shape? When it comes to finding out the appropriate hat for your given head shape and proportions, you need to be able to strike a balance when it comes to your face and height. You can always decide to try out a variety of looks the next time you go out shopping. At least until you find something that suits you best.

However, if you are shopping online you may not get that luxury, in which case we suggest following this general rule of thumb.

Small Faces: If you have a tiny face, you should avoid wearing big hats’ with wide brims, as they may overwhelm your features and make your head look even smaller. In this case, it’s best to opt for something with a short to the medium-sized brim like custom bucket hats for instance.

Large Faces: If your head shape is slightly big, then you should go for styles that offer extra width. This means choosing hats with wide brims like sun hats, for example.

Tall People: If you consider yourself to be a tall person, then you should choose to avoid hats with high crowns and choose low crown hats like berets, newsboy, customized baseball hats , etc.

Short People: If you are rather short in height, then you should do the opposite to tall people, and wear small-brim hats that offer a high crown. This will help you look taller and good examples to choose from include; fedoras, bowlers, bucket hats, etc.

Now, let us dive a little deeper into what it takes to find the perfect hat for your respective face proportions, shall we?

  1. Oval Faces

    If you happen to have an oval-shaped face then you’re in luck, because you can wear almost any type of hat and look stylish doing it! This means you can opt to try out a wide variety of options and find something that suits your fancy best. However, if you are petite, we suggest avoiding any wide brim hat styles. Instead, pick something more chic or trendy, like some customized bucket hats , for example.

  2. Square Faces

    If you have a rather broad and square-shaped face, you will need some round hats to soften up your streamlined edges. This means opting to wear hats that come with oversized crowns and wide brims, which should help you create an illusion of roundness to your face. as such you should purchase cowboy hats, cloches, floppy hats, etc. These will help soften your features and give you a more feminine and gentle look. You can also wear a beret and tip it over to one side. This will also help to disrupt the symmetry of your face.

  3. Long Faces

    If you have an elongated face, you are best suited to wearing something that shortens it a little more and gives it some width, instead. This means opting for medium to wide-brimmed hats that come with low crowns to help provide some balance by reducing the length of your face. Good examples of hats like these include; brevets, sun hats, cloches, floppy hats, fedoras, etc.

    However, the wider the brim the better, as they will steal attention away from the length of your face and balance it out with some vertical curvature. This means avoiding hats that come with tall crowns, as they may end up making your facial features look excessively thin.

  4. Round Faces

    If you have a round symmetrical face, then you should try to balance that out with an asymmetrical hat. This means finding something that helps to either lengthen or slim down your face a little more and draws most of the attention from your round facial curves. We suggest options to try out a hat that offers a high crown and wide flexible brims. This will help steer people’s point of focus and add some asymmetry to your face. This should then complement it in the best possible way.

    In this case, the best hat style for you would be a fedora or a wide brim sun hat, for example, as they will do well to create good angles on your face. You can go for baseball caps or wholesale snapback hats as well. They all come with different angles so that asymmetry will compliment your face well and make it look slimmer.

  5. Triangular Faces

    A triangle face is similar to the oval face shape in which options are virtually endless. complements your outfit .

  6. Heart-Shaped Faces

    If your face shape is more heart-like, then you will need to slim down your forehead. You can do this by wearing hats with medium-sized brims like fedoras, bucket hats, berets. etc. These are all good choices because they will do well to balance out the size of your forehead. You can also choose to lean the hat down to one side to draw more attention to your eyes. This also means that you should avoid any large brim hats that may over-emphasize your forehead any further.

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What Is The Right Hat For A Woman’s Head Shape?

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