Weightlifting Shoes – How To Choose Them

Weightlifting Shoes – How To Choose Them

Weightlifting Shoes – How To Choose Them : Hello everyone, today I have prepared a review of shoes for training in the gym , well, or more specifically, shoes for squats, deadlifts, etc. in one word for working with weights.

Go to any gym and pay attention to the shoes people use. You will most likely see Nike and Addidas sneakers, and maybe even something more unknown. If you go into CrossFit boxing, you will most likely see athletes wearing Nike Metcon or Reebok Nano. The least popular shoe you can hardly see is the Vibrams.

With so many choices, choosing which shoe to choose can be daunting. The purpose of this review is to take a closer look at the different shoes and how they fit for squatting shoes .

Sure, most of us wouldn’t think of running a marathon in bowling boots or playing basketball in soccer spikes, but when it comes to weight training, most of us can safely put on their regular sneakers and go exercise. But such frivolity can cost dearly in the future. Let’s see why.

Stability of the legs

The legs provide a solid foundation for any functional movement we perform. Think of your legs as the basis of a house of cards. They form the basis for the stability of your entire structure. If we want to squat with good form we must pay attention to the legs.

Our leg is inherently very mobile. It consists of over 25 bones distributed over 4 different joints and is capable of a wide range of motion. However, when we squat, we need to instantly create stability in our legs.

Choosing the right footwear when training with a barbell should complement and support this position. Without stability in the legs, the entire foundation we create will simply collapse.

Classic sneakers

If you train to run 5 km, then this is the most suitable option for you. Otherwise, running shoes are not the best choice for barbell training. Squats in these sneakers (soft compressible sole) are more like trying to stand up on a giant marshmallow.

This shoe is designed to absorb and dissipate the forces generated when the foot is in contact with the ground. They absorb energy that could injure the athlete. When we squat we don’t need a gel or similar outsole, so the shoe cannot maintain the neutral arched position I wrote about above. Save your running shoes for runners.

Weightlifting shoes

As the name suggests, this shoe can be a great choice for anyone interested in weightlifting . The use of weightlifting shoes is beneficial for several reasons. The first thing you’ll notice when you put them on is the ability to squat deeper while keeping your torso more upright.

Weightlifting shoes help keep your foot stable while squatting. The raised heel effectively keeps the foot in a neutral, arched position. For this reason, these boots are great for anyone with poor ankle mobility.

Weightlifting shoes are a great choice for any weight lifter, regardless of training level or experience. You don’t have to be a weightlifter or crossfitter to have a pair of weightlifting shoes. At the moment, Reebok, Adidas and Nike offer very good shoe options:

  • Nike Romaleos 4

Flat shoes

If you are interested in powerlifting, you may have seen some athletes use flats like the Chuck Taylors. The non-compressible rubber outsole of these boots provides foot support without hitting the wearer’s wallet hard. Sure, these shoes are terrible for running, but for squats, they’re not that bad.

Crossfit shoes

With the growing popularity of CrossFit, specially designed weights have been introduced to the market. This shoe provides good support and has a small heel (usually 3-4 mm.)

Oddly enough, crossfit shoes are offered by the same companies Reebok and Nike:

Running Shoes

NANO X1 GRIT shoe is a great alternative to your running shoes. The outsole of these boots is not made of soft material and therefore does not shrink. On the other hand, the heel is 4 mm high, slightly smaller than that of weightlifting shoes, but for performing weightlifting movements incrossfit complexes, it will go

For crossfitters, this shoe is an excellent workout option. However, if your goal is to exclusively perform squats with a barbell, then you will not find anything better than barbells.

The choice of footwear should be consistent with your goals. If you have the urge to squat heavy weights, I highly recommend using weightlifting.

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