Weightlifting – DOs and DONTs for Beginners

Weightlifting – DOs and DONTs for Beginners

Weightlifting – DOs and DONTs for Beginners : Weightlifting is not only for bodybuilders or professional athletes only. Weightlifting can be used by normal people who are looking to lose fat, build strength , tone their muscles, and also improve bone density. Note that in order to ensure effective weightlifting you have to follow certain techniques. If you do not do weightlifting correctly, you might end up injuring yourself seriously.

Correct Weightlifting Techniques

When you plan to start weightlifting, the first and foremost step is to find yourself a knowledgeable a specialist. You need an expert in weight training and understands proper weightlifting techniques.

Please be aware of the fact that you cannot learn the nitty-gritty of weightlifting by watching your friends and family at the gym. One slight wrong move may result in a serious muscle strain, fracture or muscle injury.

Moreover, if you are sure of your techniques, you may schedule a one-time session with a professional to confirm them and make some changes if required.

Weightlifting Do’s

  • When you begin weightlifting, make sure that the amount of weight is appropriate for you. Always choose a weight that you are able to handle comfortably for 12 to 15 minutes.
  • In most cases, a single set of 12-15 reps with weight is sufficient to fatigue the muscle efficiently and build core strength. Once in flow, you may increase the weight eventually.
  • Always maintain proper form even while picking weights and placing them back on the racks. Do not hold your breath. Ideally, you should exhale as you lift the weight and inhale as you lower it.
  • As a beginner, in order to build strength and last longer in a weightlifting session, you must opt for pre-workout supplements. One of the top-of-line pre-workout supplements is Total War pre-workout from Redcon1 . Total War offers the perfect combination of supplements, doses and flavours that makes it stand out from other pre-workout supplements available in the market. Enriched with beneficial ingredients like caffeine, juniper berry extract, taurine, etc. that help strengthen muscles, allow recovery, build muscle mass and increase overall performance. It also contains antioxidants that promote brain, heart and muscle health.
  • Last but not the least, give rest to your muscles, and don’t work major muscles at a single session. Dedicate each day to different muscles or work in combination.

Weightlifting Don’ts

  • Warm-up is essential. Don’t start straining cold muscles as they are more prone to an injury when not properly warmed up. Warm-up your muscle with some light 10-15 minutes cardio or aerobic.
  • Always make moves calmly and collectively, don’t rush your moves. Build momentum, it helps in isolating the muscle. Give at least a minute’s gap when switching between exercises.
  • Don’t overdo a move. If you are feeling the pain that’s abnormal, wait and address it. Try a lower weight or maybe don’t work on that muscle for some time.
  • Don’t ignore your trainers. Remember to invest in proper shoes before starting weightlifting.


Weightlifting is beneficial for you in more than one way. Take care of all the do’s and don’ts mentioned above and kick-start an effective weightlifting journey. Good luck!

Weightlifting – DOs and DONTs for Beginners

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Weightlifting – DOs and DONTs for Beginners

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