Ways To Help Improve Heating Quality In Your Home

Ways To Help Improve Heating Quality In Your Home


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Ways To Help Improve Heating Quality In Your Home

Ways To Help Improve Heating Quality In Your Home : Warming your home might seem easy, but when you’re hit with a large energy bill, you might wonder where it all went wrong. If you find that you always have to have your heating turned up to the max to keep your home warm, there could be a few issues that need addressing.

Typically, these problems can be easily fixed without having to call in the professionals too. If you want to find out more, keep reading and discover our top ways you can improve the heating quality within your home.

New Radiators

If your heating isn’t performing as well, it’s worth checking if your radiators could do with a revamp. In the UK, column radiators are extremely popular as they emit more heat than a standard convector one. They also release the heat more efficiently so you can warm the room evenly without having any cold spots. Column radiators also have a slightly larger surface area so they can provide you with more heat a lot faster. Opting for these radiators will allow you to keep your home toasty without having to keep the heating up too high or leave it on 24/7.

Check Your Boiler

Another good thing to check is your boiler. If you haven’t had your boiler replaced in over 10 years, it’s probably about time to upgrade it. Installing a new boiler will ensure that your heating is working properly and generating enough heat to keep the whole house warm. If your boiler is only a few years old, it’s a good idea to get it serviced to make sure it’s still working efficiently. A boiler that’s not performing its best can make it impossible to heat your home, so be sure to get a professional to give it a once over.

Curtains Are Important

You may not realise it, but curtains are essential in improving the quality of your heating. During the day you should keep them open to allow the warmth of the sun in, and at night, you should close them to stop any heat from escaping. Keeping your curtains shut when it’s cold and dark will help prevent heat loss and allows the room to stay warmer for longer. Maximising the quality of your heating is all about retaining the heat and preventing it from getting out, so don’t forget to make use of your curtains and you’ll definitely see an improvement.


When it’s cold you probably want to be as close to the radiator as possible. But having your sofa right next to it is actually preventing your heating from working as efficiently. In order to heat the room fully, you want to remove any obstructions away from the radiator. Things like your sofa will absorb the heat and stop it from circulating throughout the room, making the room feel colder. Try moving away from the radiator and allowing the heat to fill the room instead.

Fix Any Draughts

Another common heat loss problem is draughts. Spend some time checking all your windows and doors for any cold breaths of air and make plans to cover them up. Investing in draught excluders can actually save you a whole lot of money on your energy bill and will help keep your home warmer for longer too. No matter how good your heating is, if there are draughts coming in and gaps to let the heat out, you’ll find it almost impossible to keep your home consistently warm.

Control Your Thermostat

Your heating quality can also be determined by your thermostat and how well you control it. Nowadays you can get smart thermostats that allow you to have full control of your heating even while you’re out of the house, simply by installing an app on your phone. It’s worthwhile investing in a better thermostat that allows you to easily increase and decrease the temperature so you can ensure your home is getting the right heat at the right time.

Chimney Problems

If you have a chimney, you need to think about the amount of heat you lose from it. If you’ve covered up every small draught, have the best insulation, and invested in a top-of-the-range boiler, all of that will prove useless if you have a gaping hole in the form of a chimney letting all the heat escape. There are ways you can block it up when it’s not being used and doing so can drastically improve the quality of your heating. If you never use the chimney, it could be worth having it capped completely too. No amount of turning the heating up will help keep your home warm if you’ve got cold air billowing in from the fireplace, so try looking into a chimney block to help keep your house snug.


People with non-carpeted floors know just how cold your feet can get when they touch the icy hardwood in winter. But having cold floors doesn’t just give you a shock when you step out of bed in the middle of the night. It can actually be degrading the quality of your heating. To counteract this, you can layer rugs on top of your floors where they feel the coldest. Rugs can also help get rid of any draughts that are coming up from gaps in your floorboards too, so not only will you retain more heat, but you’ll stop any extra cold from getting in. If you have carpeted floors, rugs are still a good idea. They’ll bring a new layer of insulation to your home and improve your heating even more.

Having a warm, toasty house is what we all want to come home to, and it is achievable with the use of these simple tips. Don’t let the small things trip you up, so be sure to check for any draughts and keep your curtains closed when it’s cold. Taking all of these into consideration will not only ensure your heating quality is the best it can be, but you’ll also see a very noticeable decrease in your energy bill too!

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Ways To Help Improve Heating Quality In Your Home

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