Top Natural Wonders in Canada

Top Natural Wonders in Canada


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Top Natural Wonders in Canada

Top Natural Wonders in Canada : The Arctic and northernmost regions have culturally been seen as a mythical serene place, and this is why Canada entices flocks of tourists around the world to witness her beauty. This article contains a list of Canadian natural wonders, and it is by no means extensive. But we hope to inspire you to come and see with your own eyes!

Moraine Lake, Alberta

Canada is known for its beautiful lakes, and this lake represents the best of what Canadian lakes have to offer. Set in the Valley of Ten Peaks wilderness, Moraine Lake is a beautiful mirror, tinted turquoise.

The soft lake is juxtaposed between jagged peaks and rock piles. The gentle turquoise color is the result of the ground rock below the water surface, which came from rocks grinding underneath ice as a result of glacier movements.

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, Alberta

Don’t let the morbid name put you away! This UNESCO World Heritage Site is not only a natural wonder, but it’s also a cultural and archeological delight.

This is a clifftop looking over Alberta prairies, once a strategic hunting ground for the local First Nations peoples. As the local museum explains, this is yet another proof of how indigenous people have been ingeniously working with natural conditions for a long time.

Aurora Borealis, Yukon

We can’t make a list of natural wonders of an Arctic country without having aurora borealis on the list! You can witness the magical show of lights in the Yukon in Canada.

Aurora borealis results from the earth’s magnetic fields interacting with charged particles from the sun. Northern lights happen frequently, but not everyone can spot them. To see it, you’ll have to be at the right place at the right time. This is why it’s recommended to get a guide before setting out to witness this natural orchestra of lights.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

The Niagara Falls are not just Canada’s; it might even be more famous for being an icon of US nature. Natural processes don’t recognise borders, but we’d say Niagara Falls are actually best observed from Canada!

Niagara Falls formed at the end of the Ice Age from the melted ice, which gave massive torrents of water into the Niagara River. Not only are the falls stunning, but it’s also a geological wonder. Don’t skip this spot just because it’s more touristy and learn more about the geological processes and history in the area!

Canadian Rockies, Alberta and British Columbia

This aptly named area is indeed rocky. The Canadian Rockies offer Canada’s natural greatest hits: mountains topped with ice, dense forests, meadows, and rich biological diversity. Yet another proof that natural wonders don’t recognize borders, the Rockies range Alberta and British Columbia. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Iceberg Alley, Newfoundland

Guess what’s in Iceberg Alley? We hope you guessed icebergs.

Every year, massive icebergs break off from ancient glaciers and drift off into the open sea. The floating abstract and jagged icebergs show a scene contemporary artists can only dream of creating. The movements of the icebergs may look calm and elegant from land, but make no mistake, the seas in the area are treacherous. Yet another masterclass of natural contrast in landscapes from Canada.

See it for yourself!

We hope the natural sites in this list inspired you enough to travel to Canada! If we succeeded, you’d then want to apply for a Canadian tourist visa.

Here are the documents you will need to apply:

  • Completed IMM5256 visa application form;
  • Copies of all completed pages of your passport, valid six months after your return;
  • A visa photo fitting Canadian visa photo requirements;
  • Travel history for the last 10 years, proven by your passports, current and old. Transport tickets may also be required;
  • Proof of intent of returning to your home country;
  • Proof that you can fund your travels in Canada;
  • Travel itinerary.

While applying for a visa is not as wondrous as witnessing Canada’s natural beauty, it’s necessary to do it with great care. Good luck and bon voyage!

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Top Natural Wonders in Canada

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