The Lazy Woman’s Guide to PEMF MAT

The Lazy Woman’s Guide to PEMF MAT

PEMF mats provide relief from various medical symptoms that include chronic pain, stress, and also stimulates the healing process. The PEMF mat also sends electromagnetic waves inside the body, which in turn stimulate the tissues and offer natural relief to symptoms.

However, using a PEMF mat comes with a lot of questions, such as how does it work, and how to get the best out of your PEMF mat?

A PEMF mat sends electromagnetic signals to the body parts, such as tissues, organs, cells, and bones. These electromagnetic bursts into your body cause the impaired tissues or cells to grow, thereby enhancing the natural healing process. These are completely safe and non-invasive tools to reduce your pain, along with other medical conditions.

What is an Ideal PEMF mat I should Use?

A PEMF mat by HealthyLine is a compact and portable machine that is suitable for treating various medical ailments. Few PEMF mats are designed solely for targeting specific body parts, while others are for the entire body. The prime objective of these PEMF mats is to provide relief from medical ailments. The large are best in treating larger clinical treatments, whereas the smaller ones are ideal for targeted areas of the body. However, it is better to use large-size PEMF mats that are designed to maintain your overall health.

You can even bring home a large-size PEMF mat, as most of the other small-size mats are specifically meant for targeted areas. Hence, it is perfect for you to buy a whole-body mat that can provide relief to your body part.

A small-size PEMF mat is ideal to use in medical conditions , such as a broken bone, dental problem, or even bruising. The reason for this is that you have an idea where to apply the PEMF mat. But it becomes difficult to use the small-size mat if they are suffering wide-spectrum health conditions, such as sleep disorders, or pain.

What is the Perfect Time Duration to Use a PEMF Mat?

Ideally, you need to use the entire PEMF mat once a day on your whole body, as per the chiropractors. However, many chiropractors also believe that using the mat for half an hour twice a day is absolutely perfect. Using the PEMF mats in the morning removes all the cobwebs from your body. Before hitting the bed, it is perfect to use the PEMF mat, since it relaxes your mind and body, along with preparing your body to sleep better. It is also recommended to use the PEMF mat for five minutes, especially if you are using it for high-intensity purposes. You may even run the mat, even for half an hour, although it is best to use the low-intensity mat for a longer duration.

However, for getting the best of the results, it is best to increase the treatment time. Moreover, these electromagnetic waves in your body do not produce any risks to your body since they pass through your body.

What is the Best Way to Use a PEMF Mat?

It is important to know how to use it effectively. When you use the machines to their optimal points, they will perform better, along with delivering the best results. The main objective is to know what program suits you best. Although most of the PEMF mats come with default settings, following the instructions manual is the best way forward. Since PEMF mats can treat multiple health ailments, it does not mean that they will meet your requirements.

The best way to move forward is you begin with low-intensity frequencies. This will help you notice the subtle changes, along with improving the tolerance level slowly. Thus, it is advisable to start with the lower frequency and then gradually move towards higher intensity.

Regardless of what your tolerance levels are, try to increase intensity slowly, as it will help you to attain maximum performance. PEMF mats that are low in frequency are also safer to use since you can use them for longer hours till midnight without disturbing your daily life.

Using a PEMF mat is easy and the first step that you need to do is sit in a comfortable position as per your wish. Then, you need to pick the correct program that you would like to apply to. For targeting specific areas, you can keep small pillows on the affected part of the body.

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The Lazy Woman’s Guide to PEMF MAT

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