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Top Signs That Indicate It Is Time for AC Repair
Top Signs That Indicate It Is Time for AC Repair

Top Signs That Indicate It Is Time for AC Repair : The systems that are used for heating and cooling homes and commercial places are changing every day with the new technology and the manufacturing of new products. Every product will require time to time maintenance and occasional repairs depending on the time period it is being used.

When the equipment is taken to Houston, Texas AC Repair they will start behaving like new ones making it easy as new machines are always energy efficient when compared to the old ones. Be it AC or Heater proper service should be done whenever they appear to be less efficient.

Signs that indicate that the AC needs repair or maintenance

It is always recommended that the Ac should be taken for repair by an experienced technician, and get it inspected thoroughly. The air conditioner should be taken to Houston, Texas AC Repair when they see any of the below explained signs

  1. Noises that are loud

    Normally air conditioners run smoothly without any heavy noise. But if there are heavy sounds and noises that are coming from the AC unit, that can be considered as a warning that some part of the air conditioner is experiencing some problem.

  2. Warm air instead of cold air

    An air conditioner is designed to blow cool air, so if there is warm air coming from the conditioner that means there is some issue with the compressor which needs to be checked under a technician’s guidance.

  3. Frequent Cycling

    Usually, after some time the AC will be switched off automatically once it feels that the whole home is cool enough and once the house becomes warm it starts again. But if the air conditioner is running frequently it can mean that either the AC unit is small for the home or it can sign towards the issue with the air filter.

  4. More Bill than normal

    If the parts and components in the air conditioner are becoming old, they overheat and run over time than required. If there are dust and other waste particles in the air, that also will result in overworking of the unit. All these issues will make the air conditioner work more than required which in turn makes the bills more than they are intended to come every month.

  5. Weak airflow

    If there are differences in the performance of the AC when compared to the previous year, then it may mean that the system is not performing correctly. That might mean that the unit should be replaced or checked once for general service by taking to Houston, Texas AC Repair.

  6. More moisture

    If there is more moisture and water at the bottom of the machine which should not be there in normal conditions, then it may be taken for inspection.

  7. Odd smell

    If there is any smell that indicates that something is burnt or something is burning, immediately stop the system and call a technician without getting panicked.

Reasons why the air conditioner is not working well.

  1.     Ice buildup in the machine
  2.     Low refrigerant levels
  3.     Issues with the power
  4.     Issues involving the thermostat
  5.     When the filter is clogged
  6.     When the drain is clogged
  7.     When the compressor becomes dirty
  8.     Condensate airflow switch.

When is the best time to upgrade the system?

This usually depends on the age of the system and the amount of work the air conditioner already did. The main three reasons to think about upgrade include

  1. When the air conditioning unit is over 10 years already it is time to change.
  2. When there are problems and even after fixing them by taking to Houston, Texas AC Repair if they are recurring, it is better to change the machine itself.
  3. If the repair cost will be more than the cost that will be needed for buying a new air conditioner.

What will be done in AC replacement?

  1. The old and current nonworking AC condenser will be removed and disposed of.
  2. A new condenser will be installed
  3. All circuit-related fuses and things will be installed.
  4. Warranty will be given for the new one.


If the owner pays enough attention to the air conditioner he will get to know when it is time to repair or change his HVAC system. The air conditioners that are of latest technologies can last for 15 to 20 years whereas the old models can last for 10 to 12 years. But if there are continuous repairs it is recommended to change the air conditioners instead of repairing them every single time.

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Top Signs That Indicate It Is Time for AC Repair

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