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What Are The Best Candle Scents For Promoting Relaxation?
What Are The Best Candle Scents For Promoting Relaxation?

What Are The Best Candle Scents For Promoting Relaxation? One of the essential uses of candles is for relaxation. The scents produced by lighting candles are what bring about the soothing and calming effect that you’d want to enjoy after a long stressful day. Different scents can bring about a relaxation feeling. Here are some of the best candle scents that promote relaxation . The one you choose will come down to what scent you enjoy the most.


This scent is popularly used for aromatherapy . Ylang-ylang candles produce a sweet soothing smell that can calm you down and appease negative moods. The scent is slightly feminine, and it is preferred by most women rather than men. If you had a long tiring day, then Ylang-ylang is perfect for unwinding, reducing stress and depression.


Jasmine is another floral scent that can provide a lasting relaxation effect. The scent has a calming effect on your nervous system, especially when tired and stressed. Also, it’s believed it can aid in relieving muscle tension. This floral scent can be combined with a honeysuckle scented candle to get maximum benefits. This combination will fill your room with a soothing smell that will transport you to a land of no stress. Most people in Asia have been using Jasmine for centuries as a remedy for emotional distress and anxiety.

Citrus Aromas

Citrus scented candles are readily available and a must-try If you’re looking to ease mental tension after a long day. Scents like orange and lemon help to lift your mood and provide you with extra mental energy. The fresh Lemon scent, in particular, contains anti-depressant effects making these great smelling natural candles an ideal choice for a relaxing fragrance. Citrus aromas can also be combined with other soothing scents like spearmint and rosemary.


One of the most common scents for relaxation, lavender, is so soothing and effective that you may fall asleep without realizing it. This also means that if you’ve got a problem with insomnia, lavender’s calming properties can help improve sleep. The scent will release tension, provide a calming effect and help you unwind in no time. It is also commonly used in aromatherapy as it helps relieve headaches and migraines.

Clary sage

A savory herbal sweet scent that has properties that influence dopamine levels. This makes you happy and provides feelings of peace. The fragrance is popular for its anti-depressant and stress-reducing properties. If you don’t like strong scents that hit your nose hard, then clary sage scented candles are what you should go for. They have a soft but sweet scent that you’ll love.


A sweet-smelling and woody aroma that keeps you alert. The smell has chemical components that reduce levels of cortisol which in turn helps in alleviating stress. Research has shown that rosemary can help improve memory, improve mood , and enhance a feeling of contentment.

Peppermint Scented Candle

Produces a minty-fresh sharp distinctive scent that elevates your mood and aids in clearing your thinking. Due to its relaxing effects on your mind, peppermint was commonly used by ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans to treat mental problems. The scent can help you relax and remedy anxiety and depression.

Unwind with a scented candle

To most people, home is the place to get some peace after a long day at work. The above candle scents can set the mood right for relaxation. Most of these scents have been in use since ancient times and, therefore, proven to be the best candle scents for promoting relaxation.

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What Are The Best Candle Scents For Promoting Relaxation?

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