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5 Reasons Why A Comeback Is Powerful Than A Setback

5 Reasons Why A Comeback Is Powerful Than A Setback

Our entire life is defined and shaped by our own thought processes. A process that involves our behaviour and reactions. Do you know when a comeback is powerful than a setback? When you mould your thoughts in a way that they prepare you to fight back and take charge of your life.

Fighting back is not easy, especially when you hit the rock bottom, when all you see is the darkness around you, but it is also the time for you to prepare yourself to comeback and face your fears. Fight all the fears and conquer them, one at a time.

I went through a major setback exactly one year back. My blog Sanity Daily was attacked and targeted by some digital marketer whom I trusted to the core. She did not only left my blog to doom but also made sure I don’t spread a word about her unprofessionalism, so she reached out to our few common contacts and manipulated them.

Being an HSP (Highly sensetive person) it did effect me for a while, she wrote me nasty things, did mean things to me but I never replied to her, I observed everything from a distance, took my time, sat and slept on what happened. Then, I channelised my whole energy in rebuilding myself. I took this as an opportunity to do things in different ways and start fresh. Leaving everthing in past.

I found another person help me fix the blog, learned a few things, worked real hard to bring back the lost position of my blog and, today my blog ranks among the top 25 mental health blogs in India and have made it to many other such listings (organically).

I started earning through my blog by being consistent and writing what my readers wanted to read. Next month, my mental health blog Sanity Daily will be completeing its second year in this digital space with more than 2,70,000 page views and readers from more than 60 countries.

So yes, a comeback is powerful than a setback but we have to work on it, we have to ignore a lot in the process. We have pick up our fights wisely. We have to be very mindful of our choices, if I had put my energy in literally fighting back with her, emailing her, stalking her, trying to understnd why she did what she did,may be I would have lost it all together. Trust me, she had provoked me a lot.

I worked on my comeback because I did not signed up just to blabber on a digital medium, I have taken up a cause in my hand, people need help, people need listening and sharing, so I kept moving.

Now, with the divorce process happening with me, I am somewhere in between setback and a comeback, but I see a silver lining, a ray of hope, that althouhg things are tough today but it will be better tomorrow. And, I am working on that.

5 Reasons Why A Comeback Is Powerful Than A Setback

A comeback is powerful than a setback because it transforms a lot inside you. It is not always the physical weight we carry makes us feel heavy, it is also the mental baggage, the baggage of past that makes us feel heavier.

We must work on them, we might not get the closer as we desire but we might get some peace for ourselves and prepare for better things ahead. Here are a few reasons that will hep you understand why a comeback is powerful than a setback.

1.) It helps you define better boundaries

When you trust people blindly, sometimes they take undue advantage out of it. When you can’t say NO you are taken for granted.

2.) You learn to see through things and people

With each setback you encounter, you develop new optics, to see the world around you, to see the people around you.

3.) You take calculative risks

Perhaps, by now you know what your choices will lead you to. You analyise, calculate and then move ahead with your personal and professional choices.

4.) You become familiar with the pain and its process of healing

The process helps you gain different perspective, through which you might as well be able to guide others, sailing in the same boat. Nothign beats a real-life personal experience to help others.

5.) It helps you build better relations with others and yourselves

A comeback is powerful than a setback when you allow yourself to be vulnearble and take time off. It not only helps you to build strong relationships with you but with others as well.

There are countless tales of individuals who endured failure after failure and then went on to win the game called life. The struggle is hard, dealing with pain is harder but doesn’t this whole process makes it more meaningful?

Why should be wait for some one to clap for us, why should be wait for soemone to guide us , mentor us. How about clapping for oursleves? How about being our biggest fan and start rooting for ourself first?  Remember, a comeback is powerful than a setback, start planning for your big win. Rise up!

Love and light


Priyanka Nair is the author of 26 Days 26 Ways for a Happier you and Ardhaviram . An NLP practitioner and Founder of Sanity Daily, helping you prioritize your mental health. Let’s build a happy community.

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