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The Relevance Of Obstetrics Care For Women
The Relevance Of Obstetrics Care For Women

The Relevance Of Obstetrics Care For Women : Women are built and developed differently than a man. Hence, women need to care for their health and ensure their wellness. It is here that obstetrics has a vital role to play.

Obstetrics is a medical domain that concentrates on caring for pregnant women . It focuses on the health of an unborn baby, delivery, and labor. It also provides care after childbirth. It is essential to opt-in for obstetrics care to ensure that a woman faces delivery and labor without complexities. And when required, the medical intervention should get provided safely and swiftly. To know more about this, you can learn more about Dr Tran .

Why should you opt for obstetrics care?

Most women today are aware of when to check with a gynecologist for their check-ups . However, not everyone is sure when to start obstetrics care. In addition, the domain of obstetrics involves medical care for the expecting mother, which is called prenatal care. Therefore, it is a brilliant idea to visit an obstetrician before you get pregnant. He or she can help you to manage your health better and prepare for your pregnancy. Also, they will help you all through your conception and delivery.

Things that get involved in obstetrics care

  • Routine exams
    Check with an obstetrician after every four weeks, all through the 28 th week of your pregnancy. Then it would be best if you visited every two weeks till the 36 th week of your pregnancy. After that, you should see him or her once a week till your delivery. During the prenatal check-ups, they will assess your blood pressure and weight. At the 22 nd week, they will evaluate the shape and size of the uterus to monitor the fetus growth and examine normal development . You might have to take urine samples during some visits to check for protein and sugar.
  • Gestational diabetes testing
    Women who are prone to develop gestational diabetes will get a glucose screening during the 12 th week. It will include women who have a family history of diabetes. It also includes obese women and ones who gave birth to a baby of more than 9.lbs during birth.

    For others, the gestational diabetes screening gets done between 24 th and 28 th week. During the screening, you will get to drink a sugary beverage and will have to wait for an hour before a blood glucose test. If the outcome shows high sugar levels, then there will be a further test to check whether there is gestational diabetes or not.

Other pregnancy concerns

During the scheduled obstetric visit, you will also get checked for other conditions like Rh and pre-eclampsia incompatibility. Both these conditions are serious. However, with proper prenatal care, it can get successfully managed.

  • Pre-eclampsia – It’s a condition leading to hand swelling, high blood pressure, swelling of the face and feet. It also has protein in the urine.
  • Rh incompatibility – Women who don’t have Rh factors in their blood are Rh-negative. Hence, if you test for Rh-negative and the baby is Rh-positive, there might be issues with the baby’s blood cells going to your bloodstream.

These are a few reasons for which women need to get regular with their obstetrics care.

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The Relevance Of Obstetrics Care For Women

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