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The Benefits of Working with a Nutritionist Specialists for Seniors
The Benefits of Working with a Nutritionist Specialists for Seniors

The Benefits of Working with a Nutritionist Specialists for Seniors : Working with a nutritionist in your ripe old age seems like a counterintuitive idea. Seniors have reduced diets and their multi-morbidities make medicines the only food they seem to be having.

However, it is to be noted that it is precisely because of these conditions, seniors should hire a nutritionist who will guide them on what to consume and when. Some of the reasons why seniors should work with a nutrition specialists are:

Geriatric Nutrition is fully customised

Nutrition specialists for seniors at the Primary Medical Care Center in Fort Lauderdale work with their patients to provide a plan that is perfectly tailor made. This plan takes into consideration the various supplements and medicines that enter in your body- the way they interact with your food and in turn how much is the requirement. This customised nutrition plan not only improves the overall health but also prevents the development of conditions that cannot be prevented with a regular meal plan. Nutritionists help people out making dietary changes that bring in visible results.

They monitor dietary changes and take into account your preferences

The first instinct of our immediate family is to stop all delicious foods that we enjoy based on our diagnosis. However, when you work with a nutritionist expert, they do not eliminate our food choices, instead they control the portions and provide healthier alternatives to the food items we consume. Such dietary changes are monitored with the help of advanced techniques and are significant in improving your overall health . This is possible by regulating your food to lower your cholesterol, improve the levels of glucose in the body and even positively impacting the blood pressure.

They are a trusted resource

They are not your ill-informed but well-wishing neighbours who do not understand the impact of the fruit or vegetable he is suggesting as a miracle cure. They are certified and have been dedicatedly trained in the field to provide advice based on scientific principles. You can turn to them for any and every doubt you have.

But why should you work with a Nutritionist:

Sometimes seniors do not understand the need to have a dedicated nutritionist monitoring what they intake. Here are the reasons why you should do it without delay.

  1. Dietary needs change with old age and not everyone understands its mechanism. People on account of becoming less active physically, have their metabolism slow down. Although the energy requirement decreases, the protein requirement which is needed for important bodily functions increases. On one hand they need to eat in lesser quantities, but on the other they need to eat sufficient quantities of each food group to maintain essential body functions.
  2. Several studies suggest that although the capacity to utilize nutrients decreases as one ages, the nutritional requirement as discussed in the earlier point actually increases. By what factor it is influenced depends on individual cases which is decided by the nutritionist.
  3. Multi-morbidities affect the nutrition you require, and this cannot be suggested by any and every dietician and nutritionist. Therefore, working with a dedicated nutritionist is a must.
  4. Food choices also get limited because of declining oral health. Nutrient dense foods which are also easy on the mouth such as supplements etc. are prescribed by the nutritionist.

Working with a nutritionist seems daunting at first due to the perception that we will be starved and our favourite foods will be eliminated from our diets. However, this is far from the truth. Certain food groups that are considered to be essential for seniors such as vitamin D, E and B 12, Magnesium and Folate are worked into senior diets and their progress is monitored over a period of time.

Studies have suggested that diets can work wonders when it comes to slowing down the process of aging. Caloric restriction without malnutrition, which is determined by the nutritionist on an individual basis, has been found to be effective in slowing down physical decline and increasing lifespan. Therefore, work with your nutritionist to unfold the magic they can do with your diet. Read this interview about one of Primary Medical Care Center’s team member to learn more about the Fort Lauderdale-based clinic.

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The Benefits of Working with a Nutritionist Specialists for Seniors

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