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6 Different Types of Niche Porn to Watch with Your Partner
6 Different Types of Niche Porn to Watch with Your Partner

6 Different Types of Niche Porn to Watch with Your Partner : The internet has given rise to every type of niche porn you could possibly imaging and many more you couldn’t.  If you have decided to spice things up in the bedroom you may want to look outside regular sex and experiment with niche ideas and watching it before you try it can be a fantastic way to get started and to see if it turns you on or not.

Here are six different types of niche porn to watch with your partner.


The 50 shades of Grey trilogy got everyone talking and they never really stopped.  Whether you want to be in control or do as you are told, the BDSM niche is something that turns a lot of people on.  You can indulge in anything from light bondage to heavy S&M and anything goes as long as you are both consensual. Use niche porn to get some new ideas.

Orgasm Control

This can be part of the BDSM world, or it can be practiced on its own.  Watching porn based on this niche will give you some good pointers about how to do it.  Practicing orgasm control means that you can build up to an explosive orgasm , which is one of the reasons it has gained in popularity recently.  This makes it great to try for yourselves once the movie is over.


Voyeurism is a great niche to enjoy.  Many people get turned on by the idea of watching or getting watched and some of the best porn list websites have contained videos of every nationality, position, and fetish you could want to watch.  It might even give you a taste for the camera yourself.


There is something incredibly sexy about feet that make this a great niche to watch with your partner. Reflexology suggests that every part of the foot relates to a part of the body, so take some time to find your partner’s erogenous zones by learning what part of the foot to touch to produce the best results.  Alternatively, just get them a new pair of heels and enjoy the view as you watch some porn.

Group Sex

This is one of the most popular niches there is.  Traditionally this niche was thought of as a fantasy for a man about two women, however, in these days of sexual ambiguity and freedom, anything goes. Porn is a good way of exploring your gay or lesbian fantasies or thinking about role reversal and it can be a great way to share fantasies or take steps towards acting them out.


Anal is a niche that some people enjoy, and others don’t, but many people are curious about. Watching anal porn can help you decide whether this niche is something you would like to try or not.

Here are just a few areas of niche porn that you can watch with your partner. This will lead you to having some great ideas of your own and hopefully a fantastic experience.

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