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Stop Hiding Your Concerns and Seek Help For Urinary Incontinence
Stop Hiding Your Concerns and Seek Help For Urinary Incontinence

Stop Hiding Your Concerns and Seek Help For Urinary Incontinence : Leaking urine is a very common occurrence in many adults, and women are more susceptible to it. Finding it embarrassing is not an excuse to hide the problem as it can indicate a serious underlying disease that must be treated at the earliest.

During pregnancy or immediately after delivery, many women experience urinary incontinence, which is temporary and mostly resolved on its own or with some exercises.

During this medical condition, the control over the urinary sphincter is weakened or completely lost. The person urinates when he or she doesn’t even want to. That’s why it is also called a leaky bladder.

At the Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples center, you can seek help for bladder or bowel control problems in a very private and comfortable environment. They also provide high-quality prenatal care and gynecological services. The doctors here are experts and will determine the cause of your incontinence with minimal diagnostic tests and provide specific treatment for the same.

Urinary incontinence in women – Causes

  1. Weakened pelvic floor muscles:
    • These muscle tissues form a supporting structure for the bladder.
    • When these muscles get weak, the bladder can drop from its position, or the urine flow cannot be maintained.
    • These results in urinary incontinence, and even coughing can cause urine leakage.
  2. Pregnancy-related incontinence:
    • During vaginal birth, pelvic muscles can weaken, or the nerves responsible for exerting bladder control can get damaged.
    • Apart from this, the increasing baby weight can put pressure on the bladder to cause stress incontinence.
  3. Obstruction in the urinary tract:
    • Stones in the urinary tract can block the flow of urine.
    • Such obstructions often cause leaky urine in small amounts.
  4. Incontinence due to age:
    • As we age, the muscles of the bladder weaken, and this can cause involuntary contractions in the bladder to cause incontinence.
    • In women, menopause can affect the lining of the urinary bladder because of a sudden drop in estrogen levels in the body.

All these factors can cause different types of incontinence requiring specific treatment. Therefore, knowing your symptoms and reporting them to your physician in Naples, FL, is essential to getting the desired incontinence cure.

Some of the symptoms that you notice are:

  • Frequent urinary urges without passing any substantial amount of urine.
  • Excessive nighttime urination.
  • Urine can become leaky with activities that put pressure on their bladder-like coughing, laughing, or performing exercises.
  • Pelvic floor exercises can strengthen the bladder.
  • Frequent visits to toilets can prevent the leakage.
  • Bladder training by a qualified physician can help a person.

Urinary urgency can also be caused by urinary tract infections, which must be treated with antibiotics as they cause serious infections in your kidney. UTI’s can also cause sepsis, which is an emergency condition.

Therefore, talking to a physician in Naples, FL, about your urinary incontinence is important for the correct diagnosis of the cause and its treatment.

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Stop Hiding Your Concerns and Seek Help For Urinary Incontinence

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