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6 Fruity Canned Cocktails to Sip On This Long Weekend

From gin and grapefruit to vodka and raspberry lemon, there’s a canned cocktail for everyone to enjoy.

Good Sunday | summer drinks

Photo Credit: Good Sunday

Good Sunday

Founded by two childhood friends from Toronto, this refreshing gin soda beverage is bound to be your Sunday drink of choice.

Good Sunday Dry Gin Soda in Grapefruit, $ 2.95 per can, LCBO

Ace Hill | summer drinks

Photo Credit: Ace Hill

Ace Hill

This radler offers a unique flavour combination: lemon juice with a hint of cayenne.

Ace Hill Mixer Pack, $ 12.40, LCBO

Cottage Springs | summer drinks

Photo Credit: Cottage Springs

Cottage Springs

Inspired by the cottage lifestyle in Muskoka, this low-cal vodka soda was made for days at the lake.

Cottage Springs Vodka Soda in Watermelon, $ 2.70 per can, LCBO

White Claw | summer drinks

Photo Credit: White Claw

White Claw

This alcohol-spiked flavoured seltzer water is light, refreshing, and endlessly crushable on a warm sunny day.

White Claw Hard Seltzer in Mango, $ 2.95 per can, LCBO

nude | summer drinks

Photo Credit: Nude


For those seeking a gluten-free alcoholic beverage, this Vancouver-based company makes ready-to-drink vodka sodas in an array of flavours: raspberry lemon, peach, grapefruit, cucumber mint, mango, strawberry kiwi, and classic lime.

Nude Vodka Soda in Raspberry Lemon, $ 2.90 per can, LCBO

summer drinks

Photo Credit: Strongbow


Love rosé? Apple cider? Then this crisp, tart and slightly sweet beverage will be your new fave way to #RoséAllDay.

Strongbow Rosé Apple Cider, $ 3.05 per can, LCBO

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