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Women Over 50 Combatting Spring Fever
Many people often associate seasonal depression with winter and fall months. But did you know that the warmer and longer spring (spring fever) and summer days can actually play a part in emotional and mental distress? Most people have heard of, or can identify with, the mood changes that occur in the fall or winter commonly, called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). But mood changes can occur with any seasonal change. Though we tend to wait until spring to get a natural mood boost, sometimes that doesn’t happen on its own. Additionally, we use spring and summer to fuel our batteries for winter, which isn’t always an optimal plan. It becomes particularly difficult as we age to combat the seasonal mood changes. Seasonal mood problems can cause fatigue, motivation issues, sadness, irritability and trouble sleeping, and more. Here are 4 ways that you can combat seasonal depression in spring and summer:

Check your Vitamin D levels throughout the year

Vitamin D levels are often an overlooked factor when it comes to mood and physical wellbeing, including immune system functionality. As we age, our body has a harder time producing vitamin D on its own. Living in a sunshine state doesn’t preclude you from having low vitamin D levels. Plan ahead and get your vitamin D levels monitored throughout the year so that when the seasons change, you know what your levels are up against.

Fuel your brain

Brain fuel is of key importance. Our brain chemicals ( dopamine , serotonin , etc) rely on food as fuel. Proteins are essential for our neurotransmitter pathway conversions as well as to stabilize our blood sugars. A nutrient-dense diet provides our neurotransmitters with the nutrient cofactors needed to convert a protein to a neurotransmitter such as serotonin or dopamine.

Don’t wait for the season to change to get outdoors

A common idea is to wait to do outdoor activities until the seasons change to a perfect condition. To combat seasonal mood changes, make sure you get outdoors daily (unless the weather is dangerous). This will encourage dopamine and endorphin production as well as help you get some of that vitamin D. In exchange, you will feel an energy burst and a sense of accomplishment.

When in doubt, supplements can help you out

Don’t overlook the power of supplementation to help with some of the heavy liftings for your mood. Using a high-quality multivitamin such as a brain supplement can give you the boost you need as you transition through the next season. Always check with your doctor before beginning new supplements.

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