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Easily Add More Activity to Your Day
Easily Add More Activity to Your Day

Easily Add More Activity to Your Day : One of the best things you can do for your health is to get more exercise. Dominique Fradin Read asserts that exercise helps reduce insulin resistance and inflammation. However, it is hard to fit exercise into your daily routine if you are busy working and raising a family. Here are some easy ways to add more activity to your day.

Walk Your Dog

You can fit in a quick walk with your dog before you leave for work, or you can do it first thing when you get home. If you make this a part of your daily routine, you will not have to think about it. Your dog will thank you by being calmer and better behaved, too.

Clean Your House

Doing a thorough housecleaning will give you a good workout . Try vacuuming more often, and you will easily increase your activity level. Tidying up is another good activity. As you walk around your house returning items to where they belong, you are adding steps to your daily total.

Take up Gardening

Gardening is great exercise, and it is wonderful for your mental health, too. Gardening works all the muscle groups and is good for flexibility, strength, endurance, and balance.

Exercise While You Watch TV

There are lots of exercises you can do while watching your favorite shows. Riding an exercise bike, using a treadmill, doing yoga and doing weight training are all good ideas to make use of this idle time.

Walk and Talk on the Phone

There is no reason you have to sit down while you are chatting on the phone. You can pace around inside your house, or even better, go outside for a walk while you are talking.

Find an Exercise Buddy

You can combine two important activities, exercise and socializing, by working out with a friend. You can go for walks together before work, meet at the gym for a class or do some exercises in the park. A friend can keep you motivated to continue exercising, too.

Choose the Stairs

Whenever you have the chance, choose the stairs over the elevator. If this is too difficult at first, you can start by just taking one flight of stairs and then taking the elevator the rest of the way. Add one flight of stairs at a time until you can do them all.

Talk to Your Colleagues in Person

At work, do you always communicate with your coworkers by email, instant message, or phone? Try to visit them in person, instead. A short walk from your desk to theirs could be just the thing to energize you. If you do this multiple times per day, the steps will add up to a significant amount of exercise.

Exercise does not have to be drudgery that you struggle to fit into your life. Instead, think about becoming more active in small ways throughout your day. Pretty soon, you will have changed from a sedentary person into an active one, and your body will thank you.

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Easily Add More Activity to Your Day

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