Natural Deodorant Reviews: Which Ones Pass Our Sweat Test?

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Photo Credit: Schmidt’s Naturals

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

Schmit’s Naturals is a personal care company that specializes in plant- and mineral-based products. Naturally curious about the brand’s award-wining formula (free of aluminum, parabens, phthalates and artificial fragrance), I decided to put it through a sweat test to see how it would perform.

The Workout: I tested this natural deodorant at Barry’s Bootcamp, a fitness studio known for its high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes. I was put through one of their signature Total Body workouts, which consisted of: 50 percent strength training on the floor and 50 percent running on the treadmill.

The Sniff Test: When it comes to deodorant, I prefer a subtle fragrance so I tried Schmidt’s charcoal and magnesium scent. (FYI: It actually smells like freshly fallen rain.) But what I loved most? It’s smooth-glide stick application, fast absorption, and non-sticky and non-greasy texture. Nonetheless, I found this natural deodorant to actually keep me smelling pretty fresh pre- and post-workout.

The only downfall was that at the end of the workout, the formula really seemed to crease in my armpits. So, during my next use, I made sure to rub on a very small amount. A little really does go a long way with this formula. —Alyssa Ball, former assistant digital editor

Charcoal + Magnesium Natural Deodorant, $ 7.79, and mass retailers

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Lululemon Anti-Stink Natural Deodorant

Lululemon has a self-care collection consisting of four products: a dry shampoo, deodorant, face moisturizer and lip balm. The products were two years in the making and were developed with input from athletes with the goal of “seamlessly bridging the gap from sweat to everyday life,” according to the press release.

The Anti-Stink Deodorant is aluminum-free and available in two scents, aloe lotus and black pepper sandalwood. Ingredients include probiotics to reduce the growth of odour-forming bacteria, zinc which acts as a “stink absorber” and coconut oil which conditions and softens skin. All products in the Selfcare line are cruelty-free and certified Clean by Sephora.

The Workout: To test this deodorant, I headed to Misfit Studio for a cardio reformer class called Get Spent. It’s a high-energy, full body Pilates workout with lots of jumping.

The Sniff Test: I love the application of this spray deodorant. It’s so different from what I’m used to with a stick deodorant. According to Lululemon, they chose this application method because it doesn’t allow for the spread of bacteria like some stick applicators can. I tried the aloe scented version which smells very fresh but not overpowering — perfect for me as I prefer lighter scents. The spray goes on wet but dries really fast (think 15 seconds or less!). One caveat: Since it’s a spray, it’s hard to avoid inhaling some of the product. I tried to hold my breath during the short time it took me to apply. – Alyssa Ball, former assistant digital editor

Anti-Stink Deodorant, $ 20 at Lululemon, and

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No Pong Natural DeodorantPhoto Credit: No Pong

No Pong Natural Deodorant

What drew me to this deodorant was the packaging: its circular tin design disguises the fact that you’re about to whip on some DEO for your BO. With its light citronella-like scent, creamy yet non-sticky, greasy or chalky texture, this product dries upon application almost immediately. But not only that, it takes up very little room in your beauty gym bag.

The Workout: 30-minute at-home Peloton cycling ride that consisted of a variety of intervals and high-resistance climbs. (Also, check out my review of the Peloton bike to find out if it’s really worth the $ $ $ .)

Sniff Test: Having never used a finger-application deodorant before, I must say that it was a pretty odd feeling to be finger painting my armpits. But since my fingers are my best assets for applying my face makeup, why not my pits, right?

When my sweat-dripping workout came to an end, I was pleased to have very little indication of BO. This floored me. Instead my anticipated stench was masked by the faintest scent of lemon, which smelt pretty darn fresh for having just drenched myself in sweat. —Alyssa Ball, former assistant digital editor

No Pong Original, $ 6,

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