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Look Fabulous Over 50 and Beyond

By LB50 on June 3, 2021

The number one reason why you might not look fabulous over 50 is because you lack selfcare. Selfcare is one of those things we as women push off because we don’t have time for it. Family, home, work, etc. all take priority and we leave ourselves with little-to-no time for selfcare. However, by giving ourselves time to do the small things, it pays off in the long run.

What do I need to do to look fabulous over 50?


Exercising is probably the most challenging selfcare thing to do, especially when we feel tired and crunched for time. However, exercise is one of the most important pieces of looking fabulous over 50. Find 30 minutes a day to walk, jog, cycle, swim, stretch, or play a sport… there is so much to choose from. Physical activity will strengthen your body and give you more energy. By exercising you improve blood circulation and support the production of collagen. Getting a workout in everyday will help maintain your weight, reduce stress, tone your skin, and give you a healthy glow!


Here’s an interesting fact: We need to drink more water as we get older. According to The Journal of Physiology we need to drink more water as we age to help maintain and regulate our body’s temperature.  Dehydration causes a number of ailments such as fatigue, pain, memory loss, skin conditions, low blood pressure, and the list goes on… Proper hydration will help balance your body, energize your muscles, boost your skin, reduce calorie intake, and help organs to function normally.


A balanced diet rich in protein, whole grains, nutrients and antioxidants is best for all ages… not only when we hit middle age! A healthy diet will boost your mind and body making you not only look fabulous over 50 but feel fabulous too! Foods high in antioxidants, nutrients, and healthy fats will feed the largest organ of our body: our skin! Our skin protects our body from infections and prevents dehydration. Feeding your body with the fuel it needs (not what you want) will provide you with many health and beauty benefits.


One of the first things people see and notice about you is your skin. Drinking plenty of water, a healthy diet, and good exercise regimen is the best way to give yourself a healthy glow. Protecting your skin is just as important to look fabulous over 50 and beyond. Take the time to cleanse your skin freeing it from toxins and dirt covering the outermost layer of skin (epidermis). “Feeding” your skin regularly with antioxidant facial masks and applying serums rich in vitamins and minerals , will brighten and even your skin. Remember, protecting your skin by applying an SPF daily is a must even if you are not sitting out in the sun! There are some great skincare products that already have an SPF in the moisturizer … so there is no excuse to not wearing it. Lastly, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Replenish your outer skin at night with as much moisture as possible to give your skin time to soak it in.


Stress, hormones, menopause, the sun, our environment, etc. you name it… it wreaks havoc on our hair. A healthy diet is the first step to healthy, glowing hair (even grey hair!). Collagen supplements can drastically improve the strength of your hair and the soft, lush feel too. Caring for your hair externally is the next step. Shampoos and conditioners often claim to have argon oil and keratin in them, but knowing whether or not if the amounts used is enough, is difficult to determine. Finding a shampoo and conditioner that is perfect for you can also be extremely hard, that’s what we love companies who now offer customized products ! Using a product made just for you means that as the seasons change, as your hormones fluctuate, you can make adjustments to your product and know that it is the best for you!


Unless you have someone else in your home doing your dishes and housework, your nails are always taking a beating. Supplements are the best way to give them the strength they need to endure the hard work. Giving yourself a manicure or going out to get one is something you should not feel bad about or not do. Your hands, just like your skin, is something that others notice about you. Looking fabulous over 50 sometimes means you need to treat yourself to a much needed mani-pedi session.


Many think that you need an endless number of clothing items to look fabulous all the time, but the truth is, you only need a few “go-to” items for each season and then mix-and-match is what works the best! Create a wardrobe that you are comfortable wearing. If you are comfortable, you can be confident . Confidence is the best fashion piece you’ll ever own!

Invest your time in your selfcare. Eat well, exercise, rest, sleep, and play. Everything you do is another investment into how great you will feel. Feeling fabulous over 50 is how you will truly look fabulous over 50!

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