Living With Endometriosis: 6 Ways To Improve Relieve Symptoms

Living With Endometriosis: 6 Ways To Improve Relieve Symptoms

Living With Endometriosis: 6 Ways To Improve Relieve Symptoms : What is Endometriosis? It is a debilitating condition affecting women where the endometrium tissue that lines the uterus starts growing outside of the uterus; the tissue can grow on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, bowels and in rare cases outside of the abdominal area. Endometriosis can cause extreme pain and is often contributes to infertility .

There are no noticeable symptoms in mild cases, with some women not being aware of having the condition until they experience problems conceiving. In other cases, the symptoms may include pelvic pain, extreme cramping before and during periods, pain during bowel movements, abnormal periods, lower back pain and others.

Speak To Your GP

It’s crucial to speak to a doctor on a regular basis if you suffer from or believe you may have Endometriosis. While there are no cures for the condition, some treatments are available depending on the severity of your symptoms, such as hormone replacement therapy and having the tissue growths surgically removed.

If your condition leaves you unable to get out of bed, using the online GP app from Virtually could help you see a doctor when you usually wouldn’t be able to. Online GP has the option for you to speak to a doctor via your mobile phone or tablet on the same day you register, getting you the help you need sooner.

Pain Relief

Speak to your GP or pharmacist for pain medication to help give your respite during the more painful days of your cycle. There are more pain killers available for extreme pain due to Endometriosis than there once was, and many women have taken advantage of this option in recent years.

Hot Water Bottles, Heat Pads & Baths

Heat can help relax the cramping pelvic muscles to give you relief from the pain. Many women have used this common remedy over the years to alleviate their symptoms. Still, those suffering more extreme pain in their bowels from Endometriosis may not find the same relief from using heat.

Pelvic & Abdominal Massage

Massages in the pelvic and abdominal areas can give short-term and long-term relief to women suffering with Endometriosis. You can also turn these massages into a relaxing treat to look forward to at the end of each day with scented oils. Use any oil when giving yourself a massage, and focus on your stomach, pelvic area, sides and back for at least 20 minutes.

Herbal Teas

In the UK, we all love a good cup of tea, and herbal teas can be a lovely fragrant treat from time to time. However, many people don’t realise that herbal teas can have small levels of anti-inflammatories that can assist with pain relief. Fennel Tea is a popular choice due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic qualities, which help to reduce cramping pains and bowel discomfort.

Light Exercise

If you’re able to move during your period, light exercise can help to relax the muscles that contract to cause cramping during menstruation . The endorphin release after light exercise can also help you feel happier.

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Living With Endometriosis: 6 Ways To Improve Relieve Symptoms

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