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It’s the Summer of Two Wheels! Here Are Some Post-Ride Rituals to Try Now

These expert tips are sure to help you recover after a long bike ride — and get you ready for the next one.

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Post-bike ride rituals

Biking’s become the go-to activity of the pandemic — it’s physical distancing-friendly and a fun, active way to explore your city. Plus, if you’re an adventure seeker, you can take your ride off-road for a bit of action.

But biking can also be an intense workout. When you’re feeling exhausted after your ride, these four expert tips will help you wind down and get you ready for your next one.

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1. Get stretching

Avoid sore muscles and injury by stretching once you get off the bike. In the next three slides, you’ll find a few of our favourite stretches that will focus on your legs and reversing your hunched-over-the-handlebars posture.

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