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Infrared Body Wraps For Weight Loss And Other Health Benefits

Infrared Body Wraps For Weight Loss And Other Health Benefits

Infrared Body Wraps For Weight Loss And Other Health Benefits : Introducing Infrared body wraps. The ground-breaking system that’s helping thousands of people lose weight, detoxify, and relieve pain. Just relax and clinically proven infrared heat literally melts away fats and harmful toxins stored under your skin, allowing your body to eliminate them naturally.

These infrared body wraps use light to create heat. It’s a huge health trend out there. Infrared body wrap can detoxify the body, sooth sore muscles, improve sleep, lower cortisol, and reduce inflammation.

According to Dr. Aaron Flickstein, who is expert on infrared heat and wellness, the infrared body wraps is in his experience, is an amazing way to achieve weight loss, pain control and detoxification at the same time being extremely comfortable to use.

Unlike other forms of heat, infrared heat effectively penetrates your body, warming areas under your skin where the body stores fat, and harmful toxins like cholesterol, mercury, and heavy metals. The heat causes them to break down, while at the same time activating your body’s sweat glands, allowing your body to eliminate the toxins naturally. In fact, recent clinical studies have shown that the sweat produced by infrared heat can contain up to 15% fats and toxins, that’s as much as five times the fats and toxins in the sweat produced by normal exercise.

The wrap is amazing for getting all your sweat out, getting those toxins out. There are so many toxins in the environment that we have in our bodies that you don’t even know about. Infrared body wrap will get them out. You can wear a swimsuit or dress down to your comfort level and an aesthetician will help you get all bundled up to start your detox process. The amazing healing benefits it has to offer is that this wrap makes feeling is like having a thousand of hands massaging all over your body. It gets healing all the way down to your bones. You’ll feel your heart racing and you’ll begin the detox process of those toxins while you’re in your wrap.

This completely safe and natural heat can also act on irritated nerve endings and can increase blood flow, significantly relieving pain, even after a single session. Sweating also takes energy as the infrared body wrap heats up your entire body. Resulting in the increase of your metabolism, meaning that you can burn calories, both during the session and for hours afterwards.

Dr. Aaron Flickstein adds, “The infrared you experience in these infrared body wraps is completely safe. One of the ways we know this is, this is the same infrared you’ve experienced every day of your life, when you felt the Sun on your skin, it’s the same infrared that premature infants are experiencing in intensive care units and it’s the same infrared frequencies that NASA recommends for conditioning of astronauts.” You can even burn up to 600 calories an hour. 600 calories an hour is a lot of calories. There are some good studies that you can get a cardiovascular benefit from it.

This infrared body wrap session is a relaxing experience with no attendants needed. Simply disrobe and apply any spray which can help tighten your skin and do cellulite while amplifying results and leaving your skin feeling great. Then slip into the disposable fit coat and settle in for a relaxing experience as fats and toxins melt away. Your arms are free, and you can control the heat, applied to various areas of the body wrap to the exact degree. In fact, the fit body wrap is the only system available offering this degree of comfort and flexibility. You’re not just sweating out water weight of your body, it’s attacking the fatty lipids in your body and expelling them out. You’ll want to make sure to drink plenty of water before you wrap and avoid eating for three to four hours after.

Backed by years of Clinical Research, infrared fit body wrap is a proven solution. Dr. Aaron Flickstein explains, “There is a wealth of clinical research available on infrared in all the areas that it works in, and we have made summary papers available to anyone who wants to review the research.”

Fit Body Wrap is offered by hundreds of certified providers nationwide, including spas, salons, physical therapists, and medical offices. For them fit body wrap is effective profitable and is effortless to install and maintain as it is for their clients to use.

There are tens of thousands of satisfied users, who have relaxed their way to weight loss, detoxification, and pain relief with Infrared Body wrap.

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Infrared Body Wraps For Weight Loss And Other Health Benefits

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