Infidelity: an unfortunate side effect of the virtual world

Infidelity: an unfortunate side effect of the virtual world

Infidelity: an unfortunate side effect of the virtual world :

Relationships can make or break us…..

Relationships are an innate need for human beings and can provide us with security, acceptance, and a sense of belonging, meet our emotional needs, and offer attachment which has long been associated with self-worth and holistic wellbeing.

It’s a given that the best and most healthy relationships are based on a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect for one another, and a desire to act in the best interests of our partner or loved one.

However, humans are not robots, and we all have times where we make mistakes, give in to temptation, have impulsive or emotional responses, or make unwise decisions, and relationships and feelings can change, and bonds can weaken or break.

Cheating in a modern world…..

In a world obsessed with online presence and social media encouraging us to post the most intimate details of our daily lives, relationships, and social networks, it can feel like we can access any area of a person’s life and find out what they are doing and who they are with, and that keeping secrets is almost impossible.

However, the virtual world only shows what we choose to reveal and has also opened up a whole other pandora’s box of possibility and enticement where infidelity can be just a click away and online interactions and relationships can be conducted from a phone and easily obscured.

Individuals have different boundaries that they associate with cheating but, whatever your definition, that niggling sense that your partner’s focus and potentially their heart is occupied elsewhere can be devastating and the not knowing can drive anyone to absolute distraction, impacting on all areas of life from finance to family.

With multiple options and tempting offers so effortlessly accessed now, from social media messaging to readily anonymised online dating apps, infidelity is on the rise and the ease and speed by which it can be undertaken and disguised promotes confidence.

How can I find out if my partner is cheating?

If you have seen signs that your partner may be playing away such as preoccupation with their mobile, reduced interest in you, increased effort with their physical presentation, making excuses to not be available or at home, or any other indicators, you probably want to get to the bottom of this and find out what’s going on.

So what can you do to get to the truth and obtain reassurance that your suspicions are unfounded, and your partner is trustworthy, or gain clarity and confirmation about infidelity being perpetrated so that you can start to make informed decisions and act to resolve your relationship difficulties?

There are many tried and tested methods that humans have been employing throughout history to determine whether a loved one is being unfaithful, but a more up to date approach long since employed in the USA and gaining popularity and credence in the UK is lie detector testing.

This may seem like an extreme or Jeremy Kyle-esque response but not all lie detector testing is undertaken to humiliate and ridicule an individual and can be provided in a sensitive and considerate manner whilst eliciting the true facts behind a potential cheat and restoring trust and security or the proof to move forward.

If suspicion and mistrust is taking over your life and threatening the foundation of your relationship, lie detector test offered by responsible providers such as Bond Rees Private Investigation Agency can provide the solution and help you and your partner to feel on the same page again and make decisions about your future.

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Infidelity: an unfortunate side effect of the virtual world

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