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How to Support Immune System with Food, Supplements & Sleep

How to Support Immune System with Food, Supplements & Sleep

How to Support Immune System with Food, Supplements & Sleep : Maintaining a healthy immune system is essential to living a life free from debilitating chronic and acute conditions. Not only does a healthy immune system ensure that you’re more resistant to colds and flu, but it also ensures rapid healing in the event you contract a virus or disease.

Whether you are experiencing a weakened immune system or want to ensure that you maintain the current health of your immune system, consider the following tips to help you maintain this vital bodily system.

Eat the Right Foods

Foods that are rich in antioxidants can help to strengthen your immune system. Antioxidants are key in restoring healthy cells, so opt for fruits and vegetables that are richest in this nutrient, including dark leafy greens like kale, spinach, chard, and collards.

Foods that fight inflammation also support a healthy immune system. As part of an anti-inflammatory diet, opt for healthy fats found in avocados, nuts, and seeds. These also contain omega-3s that are crucial to your overall health.

Another group of foods that promote a healthy immune system are those rich in zinc. Zinc is essential for cell division, growth, and development. Additionally, it helps keep cells functioning properly, making them better equipped to fight infection.

Some of the best foods that contain zinc include oysters, lamb meat, beef, nuts, baked potatoes, and pumpkin seeds.

Take Supplements

If you don’t have access to foods that will boost immune system responses, consider taking supplements containing cysteine, magnesium, and zinc. Additionally, supplements that contain essential vitamins such as vitamin D, vitamin C, and B-complex are also beneficial to your immune system.

Collagen boosters containing aloe vera, algae, gelatin, and even cilantro are also a great way to support your immune system naturally. These supplements help fight inflammation and prevent joint pain, a condition that further weakens an already compromised immune system.

Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep is vital for restoring the body every day, including the immune system. While you sleep, your white blood cells produce more antibodies to fight infections and viruses. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your body won’t produce the antibodies it needs to fight off illness and disease.

Furthermore, a lack of sleep can cause the body to produce stress hormones that further weaken the immune system. By getting an adequate amount of sleep, you can promote a healthy immune system and fight off infection and disease at a faster rate than those who aren’t getting enough rest each night.

So don’t skip out on your 7 – 8 hours each night as this is crucial for maintaining optimal health, including a robust immune system. If you have trouble getting a restful night’s sleep, consider taking natural supplements such as melatonin or valerian root to help relax the body and transition into sleep.

Get Exercise

By exercising at least 20 minutes a day, you can strengthen your immune system. Exercise boosts the production of antibodies and other disease-fighting cells that help to fight off infection. Additionally, exercise stimulates the body, causing it to produce more white blood cells that are essential for a strong immune system.

So whether it’s a quick walk, some yoga, or a morning run, just make sure you get your daily exercise to help keep you healthy and fight off infection.

Boost the Power of Your Immune System

In order to stay healthy and keep your immune system in top form, you should eat the right foods, take supplements when necessary, and get an adequate amount of sleep each night. Combining these health and wellness routines with daily exercise will ensure your body has everything it needs to fight infection and heal faster.

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How to Support Immune System with Food, Supplements & Sleep

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