How to Relieve Heel Pain at Home

How to Relieve Heel Pain at Home

How to Relieve Heel Pain at Home : There are many causes of foot pain, including forefoot pain resulting from tight calf muscles or trapped nerves in the feet. However, most people with foot and ankle pain present with problems related to the heel, whether underneath or at the back.

The common cause of these types of pain would be plantar fasciitis. Specialists at Southwest Cardiovascular Associates treat different types of foot pain in Mesa to provide patients with relief and eliminate any movement restrictions they may be facing due to their condition.

Facts about plantar fasciitis

Heel pain is one of the most common complaints that patients visit the doctor for treatment. The description of foot pain is unique for every patient, but it typically is in the morning, with the first steps or after periods of long rests. This symptom may be considered plantar fasciitis.

The plantar fascia is a fibrous network that extends from the heel and extends to the toe joints. It supports the longitudinal arch and other ligaments, tendons, and bones by providing weight-bearing and anti-gravity properties.

How to relieve plantar fasciitis pain

First, put on supportive shoe gear; that way, your internal anatomy has external help. Sometimes, wearing supportive gear is not enough, and you need to take further action. Stretching and icing are the cheapest and most effective self-treatment options to consider.

  1. Stretching

    It is essential to perform this technique first thing in the morning or after prolonged rest periods. You will want to be barefoot or wear supportive sneakers while you do these exercises. Make sure to perform the activities in a slow, relaxed motion. You do not want to bounce or strain yourself.

    • How to do a stair stretch
    • You can use a stair or a stool if you want. Stabilize yourself, then take the foot in pain and place it on edge along the arch, then slowly lean into it. You will feel the pain on the bottom of your arch. Try and hold each position for fifteen seconds, and as you perform these exercises repeatedly, you will begin to keep them for longer.
    • How to do a wall stretch
    • Another stretch that is common for heel pain is an indirect stretch that involves using a wall. Find a stable wall and lean into it. For the foot you want to stretch, make sure that the leg stays straight and the foot stays on the ground. Next, lean into the wall and hold the stretch for about fifteen seconds or longer if it feels good.
  2. Icing

    Icing is a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory option. You can freeze a water bottle and roll it with your foot, or you can use a gel pack and massage it deep into your heel.

    The plantar fascia is part of a team; when one component fails, it puts stress on the ligaments, tendons, and bones. If your heal pain is not resolved with these simple stretching and icing techniques, visit Southwest Cardiovascular Associates to get professional help.

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How to Relieve Heel Pain at Home

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