How to Prevent Hearing Loss from Hunting

How to Prevent Hearing Loss from Hunting

How to Prevent Hearing Loss from Hunting : Hearing loss and hunting both are pretty common among the people in America. So, if you also face the same kinds of issues, then this blog post can indeed come in handy.

Any firearm can cause you severe hearing damage if you don’t wear the right kinds of hearing protection. According to many studies, it has been found that men who regularly hunted from the age of 48 to 92 have higher chances to get exposed to high frequencies of sound from gunshots which can have a considerable impact on the overall hearing. Each gunshot can have a range from 140 to even 190 decibels, and it’s pretty much enough to cause instant hearing damage.

So, what can you do to prevent such hearing loss due to gunshots and hunting? There are many ways that you can prevent hearing loss, just keep reading till the end to know it all.

How to Prevent Hearing Loss from Hunting?

Hearing loss from hunting can be observed pretty much everywhere in different states of America (only those where it’s legal). Now, one of the significant reasons for this is carelessness and negligence to the ears.

You need to remember that even a sharp and loud noise exposure to a single gunshot can damage permanent hearing. Below are some of the ways you can prevent hearing loss from hunting.

  1. Silence the Shot.

    Unless it’s against the law in your state, you might want to think about using a gun suppressor or silencer to help cut down on the noise of a gunshot. Silencers help your ears by calming down the loud gasses that guns make when fired.

    It’s important to note, though, that every state allows silencers, and having silencers doesn’t mean that hearing protection can be skipped.

  2. Take Short Breaks.

    Even wearing the best hearing protection, too much exposure to guns can cause short-term or long-term damage to the ears. It may not seem like it at first; however, you could lose your hearing any time you hear dangerous sounds.

    Over time, the damage will cause your hearing to go down. Between rounds, think about taking a break to give your ears a chance to calm down.

    Many advanced hearing devices can reduce sounds above 95 dB, improving conversational and natural sounds.

    Even when you take short breaks from shooting, you don’t have to remove your hearing protection because these advanced hearing devices will help you. This makes sure that if someone else keeps shooting near your ears, your hearing won’t get damaged in the process.

  3. Keep Your Hearing Protections on or Inside.

    Even if you aren’t shooting doesn’t mean you don’t need to wear hearing aids. Ensure that your hearing protection is on and in your ears if you are hunting with a group or waiting for your turn to shoot at a gun range. As long as you aren’t shooting, your ears are getting a lot of noise that can be bad for them.

Hearing Aids Can Come in Handy!

However, if you do or don’t suffer from hearing loss, you can still get yourself a high-quality hearing device . These devices will not only keep your ears and hearing healthy but will even make sure that you don’t face any severe hearing issues.

Most advanced hearing devices have advanced technology that can musk the high-pitched sounds and make them bearable for the ears. Moreover, you can wear it anywhere and you won’t have to worry about getting exposed to loud noises.

Yet, before you grab any of these hearing devices, we always recommend you to seek the assistance of an audiologist first and then decide which one would be the ideal choice for you.


  1. How long do ears ring after a gunshot?

    Often, these symptoms go away in only 16 to 48 hours or even more. It could take a week or even two to get back your actual hearing state in very rare cases. The ringing can also start up again if you keep getting exposed to loud noises for a long time.

  2. Is it Possible to Reverse Hearing Loss?

    There is no way to “reverse” the hearing loss of aging . However, hearing aids can help you hear better all the time. Loud exposure to gunshots isn’t the only thing that can cause hearing loss. Certain diseases, loud noise exposures, and even accidents can result in hearing loss.

  3. Is Hearing Impairment Permanent?

    Hearing impairment can be both permanent and temporary. In many cases, hearing impairment can be short-term. However, this can surely become permanent when essential parts of the ear are damaged so severely that they can’t even be fixed.


Hobbies are essential to having a good quality of life , and so is having a good hearing, which is important for having a good life. No matter how noisy the hobbies are, ensure that your hearing is also your top priority.

Protect your ears in noisy places and have your hearing checked every year. You can also visit hearing clinics and take ear care suggestions and advice from professional audiologists, and if necessary, get good quality hearing aids to keep your ears healthy.

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How to Prevent Hearing Loss from Hunting

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