GogoPDF Guide: 3 Useful Online Tools You Need To Know When Handling Online Document

Useful Online Tools You Need To Know When Handling Online Document

3 Useful Online Tools You Need To Know When Handling Online Document : Online documents have been one of the most valuable ways of transferring information from one point to another. Internet media helps you share your online documents with anyone easily and anywhere you want. Hence, the importance of the overall usage of an online document when it comes to our daily activities.

Did you know that there is an online tool that can help you handle your online documents better? Yes! This article will discuss this fantastic online tool platform that you can use to make your online document difficulties solved within minutes. Here are the best things you need to know about their platform.

About GogoPDF

When talking about GogoPDF, there is one thing that always comes to mind when it comes to their conversion process: quality. The quality they are offering for each conversion process that happens to their platform is superb and is recommended to be used by everybody. You can also rely on the features that help you to be more efficient in your conversion experience.

Another great thing about GogoPDF is the number of different online tools you can use from their platform. You can now convert your online documents into a single platform without having to visit multiple websites browsing through the online tools you need. These said online tools would also be available for free, making them more reliable in times of need.

You can find online tools like Word to PDF, PDF to Word, Merge PDF files, Document Sharing , Split PDF, Adding Watermark, eSign PDF, and a lot more if you are wondering about the conversion process of each online tool from their platform. Here are some of the best online tools you can use to give you an idea of how a proper conversion process works.

Document Sharing

The online tool document sharing allows you to send your documents to your desired recipient easily. The advantage of using GogoPDF in transferring your online documents from one point to another is the number of features that come with it. These features help you to have a more convenient way of sharing your online documents.

When you upload your online documents in the document sharing online tool, you will immediately be given a shareable link that can be used to send to your recipient, allowing them to have a download link to your online document. This can be a recommended step if you are trying to send it to multiple recipients at one time.

You can also share your online document manually by proceeding to the document sharing online tool . You will need to fill up your email, the recipient’s email, and your optional message. Once you have sent your online document, it will be available for viewing for the next 14 days. After that, it will be removed from the system, making it unavailable for downloads.

Protect PDF

The following online tool that can help you Handling Online Document better is the Protect PDF online tool. This online tool has been one of the essential things to have when taking online documents. This will allow you to put extra security features in your PDF file, making it required to type in a specific encrypted password when they try to open your PDF file.

Of Course, the encrypted password will be set up by you using the Protect PDF online tool. If this is your first time using GogoPDF as your online converter tool. Here is an example of how you can put an encrypted password in your PDF file.

  • Take your PDF file from your device and upload it into their servers.
  • Type in the password that you want your PDF file to have.
  • You can now share your encrypted PDF file with the recipient that you want.
  • Download and save your newly transformed document.

Delete Pages From Your PDF File

You may receive an online document from time to time with unnecessary pages that are not in line with the things you need. Hence, removing them from the PDF file is a good move to save the PDF file with smaller and more straightforward content. You can use the online tool Delete Pages From Your PDF to easily remove the unwanted pages.

  • Upload the PDF file that has unwanted pages.
  • The servers of GogoPDF will remove the unwanted pages.
  • Wait till the overall process is completed.
  • Download it into your storage.


The advantage of using GogoPDF for your online documents is the number of online tools and features that can be used from their platform. Hence, making their platform, your first choice can be beneficial to your online document needs.

3 Useful Online Tools You Need To Know When Handling Online Document

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