Eco-Friendly Lifestyle: Get Closer to Nature with Bamboo

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle: Get Closer to Nature with Bamboo

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle: Get Closer to Nature with Bamboo : Despite the current pandemic, we are moving in the right direction and natural ingredients are being used in the manufacture of many things. Make-up products are mostly made with natural ingredients these days and in the past couple of years, we have witnessed a boom in natural fabrics , with the introduction to bamboo clothing.

The Giant Panda population need not worry, although bamboo is such a versatile material, it does offer unlimited potential.

Things That Are Made from Bamboo

There are many bamboo species and the list of bamboo products is long and includes:

  • House construction

    Tropical countries have long realised the benefits of using bamboo to create shelter and with an injection of technology, you can build a bamboo house with incredible insulation properties.

  • Fencing

    Bamboo makes for the ideal natural barrier that stands the test of time.

  • Kitchen implements

    There isn’t much in the kitchen that can’t be made from bamboo; a Google search for ‘bamboo crockery and cutlery’ will reveal the extent that this unique material is used in the kitchen.

  • Clothing

    The last place you would expect to see bamboo is in clothing; check out the amazing quality bamboo socks from A World of Bamboo , a leading Australian supplier of quality bamboo products that include bedsheets, socks, leggings and men’s underwear.

  • Bedding

    Bamboo sheets are ideal for baby and adults alike and with a Google search, you can be viewing a range of bamboo sheets, all at affordable prices. You simply can’t get any closer to nature than sleeping in bamboo sheets and once you’ve sampled bamboo bedding, you won’t want to return to your old sheets.

  • Musical instruments

    Man has discovered many ways to make music with bamboo; flutes, pipe organs, castanets, clarinets, violins, guitars and even drumsticks, are just some of the bamboo musical instruments that you can acquire today from the online supplier.

  • Furniture

    Some of the best furniture and very popular in tropical regions, bamboo and rattan can be expertly crafted to make stylish and comfortable lounge suites, ideal for the terrace. There isn’t much that hasn’t been fashioned from bamboo and there are still bamboo furniture specialists that sell their products online. Click here for tips on setting up a home office .

  • Textiles

    Towels and bedsheets are perfect for the green homeowner and new technology has empowered the textile industry to take full advantage of this extremely versatile material. If you would like to see a wide range of bamboo products for sale, Google is your best friend and ordering online is simple.

  • Pulp & Paper

    The entire range of textured bamboo paper and pulp is used to make paper and card products, from coffee filters to toilet tissue. You can buy bamboo A4 paper and disposable bamboo paper cups, which do not harm the environment and any business that makes good use of bamboo products would be viewed as a green provider and people like to buy from eco-friendly businesses.

Bamboo grows very quickly in the right climate and there are many large plantations that are harvested in a sustainable way, supplying the growing demand. Here is some Australian government information about importing bamboo into the country for personal use . As the planet groans under the pressure of supplying elements to support 8 billion people, bamboo is one of the success stories that you will see incorporated into your life in the years to come.

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Eco-Friendly Lifestyle: Get Closer to Nature with Bamboo

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