Does Smoking Make You Lose Weight

Does Smoking Make You Lose Weight

Does Smoking Make You Lose Weight : How does smoking affect weight loss in general and what are the effects of smoking in the short term and in the long term, because it turns out from the research that there is actually a difference.

We are going to cover that all in this article. We will give you some specific recommendations and will share about new research.

All right, so smoking and weight loss. Let’s break it down.

  1. In Short Term- Smoking Causes Weight Loss

    Smoking tobacco has nicotine in it and nicotine is an appetite suppressant, so whether you’ve actually smoked before, whether you currently smoke, whether you choose nicotine gum. Before you probably know that when you have nicotine in your system, your appetite is lower and this is nicotine which acts on both the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of your nervous system to decrease appetite. So in the short term nicotine can help people lose weight.

    It’s certainly not a weight-loss supplement because the form that we get nicotine in typically hazardous. Smoking has a whole bunch of other health problems but in the short term less appetite, means you’re eating less and at the mean time you’re probably still burning the same amount of calories.

    You may lose weight and a lot of people do experience weight loss when they buy from best online cigarette store and start smoking and they’re worried that if they stop smoking they may gain weight and for some people this is the case. What the National Institute of Health finds from the research is that people, who do stop smoking, typically gain about 4 to 10 pounds over the course of the year after they stop smoking. But this is strictly due to the fact that when our appetite returns to normal, it increases after we’ve removed the nicotine from the system. People tend to eat a little bit more and if we eat a little bit more, energy intake exceeds the amount of calories you burn. This is the net amount of weight that we do end up gaining, as a consequence of stopping smoking.

  2. In Long Term smoking cause weight Gain

    But this does not happen to all people. People who really follow proper diet in their healthy eating routines and stop smoking don’t necessarily have to gain weight. It’s not like a weight gaining sentence but it tends to happen because we get this appetite rebound effect, but here’s the thing, although the research shows that nicotine and smoking, in the short term may help you lose weight or at least decrease your appetite. You may lose weight as a result of that, in the long term nicotine smoking can actually cause you to gain weight.

    Why? Well we find out from the research that, among the other massive problems with smoking in general like Cancer risk, heart disease risk, impairments your lungs and all the other toxins and heavy metals that are in these tobacco products. Nicotine in smoking, in general increases insulin resistance in the body. Insulin is this phenomenally important hormone for our metabolism. When insulin levels are constantly high, because we have insulin resistance, this shuts down our body’s ability to burn fat and so this is kind of what happens in a pre-diabetes. Diabetes’s influence is constantly raised, so we’re not processing the carbs we’re eating well and ultimately our fat burning is lower. Nicotine and smoking in general contributes to long-term insulin resistance. So, sure in the short term you may have the decreased appetite and experience little weight loss. In the long term, the nicotine can actually have a lot of weight gain effect and so this is something we really need to be mindful of.

    So how does this really relate to your weight loss goal? For everyone out there smoking and being overweight, obese are probably two of the things that are most positively correlated with a whole slew of chronic health problems.

How to fix this?

So if we can fix both of these things, get you off the smoking and get lose around 20-30 pounds. Your health, your mindset, your energy and your whole body is going to be dramatically improved and healthier. So when should you do that? The research shows that you couldn’t lose weight and get off nicotine at the same time. It may be a little more challenging because you’ll be dealing with some hunger cravings but you can certainly taper back the nicotine in the process. You do realize this when you’re on a healthy diet and you’re moving your body more. You’re gonna be more energized, your metabolisms gonna be working better. So you can step back on the nicotine. In the smoking which is something a lot of people use because it gives their brain that feeling of dopamine, the serotonin released and they feel good and it gets their body kind of energized and going exercise and healthy diet and proper sleep can do that for you as well.


In summary nicotine in the short term can lead to weight loss and in the long term it can be a positively associated with weight gain. But above all the problems with smoking are massive, to your heart, to your brain, to your skin, to your metabolism it’s something that we should limit in your diet and certainly cut out and there are some fantastic resources online to help you quit smoking if you’re at a point where you want to get this off.

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Does Smoking Make You Lose Weight

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