Cannabis-infused Aerobic Workouts- A Perfect Blend

Cannabis-infused Aerobic Workouts- A Perfect Blend

Cannabis-infused Aerobic Workouts- A Perfect Blend : Cannabis is no longer a product best consumed in the shadows. Tens of millions of people are embracing it, medicinally and recreationally. And the growing research is further helping the industry to get away from long-held stereotypes.

But there is one thing that cannabis users still can’t get away with. The idea of marijuana users being “lazy” people. Or worse, that medical cannabis makes people “sluggish.” You will be surprised to know that cannabis could fuel your workout.

So, what can you expect by infusing cannabis into workouts? Keep scrolling, and you’ll find out!

Cannabis And Workouts- How Does it Help?

Studies confirm that consuming cannabis will make you want to train more. It doesn’t mean you can break your personal records. But it will make you feel good and help with workout pains. In other words, it will improve your level of enjoyment. Thus, it will transform your dull sessions into great ones. This is quite effective if you have to carry out repetitive action.

But for the best outcome, you need to choose the right strain.

Having said that, everyone reacts differently to cannabis. So, if you haven’t tried it before, go slow with your training sessions initially. Once you are comfortable, you can increase the dose.

Also, don’t automatically presume that a Sativa-dominant hybrid will give you energy or that Indica dominant will make you feel tired.

In fact, experts believe that going for Indica-dominant hybrid strains like martian candy strain will help you with recovery. Also, certain strains work better with specific activities. For example, if a strain helps you with your running might not be perfect for your HIIT workout. So, choosing the right strain for your pre and post-workout sessions is of high importance. That’s the only way you can achieve the desired results.

Ideally, adding cannabis to your workout sessions will provide you the following benefits.

  • Reduces inflammation: Accidents are inevitable. And when you are working out, the chances of an injury or muscle sprains increases multiple folds. But with cannabis, your injuries will heal faster, thus making you get back to the gym.
  • Alleviates pain and soreness: It is a world-renowned fact that cannabis has potent pain-relieving properties . So, it can quickly relieve the painful symptoms associated with a workout session.
  • Improves mental strength: Cannabis helps users to enhance their focus, enabling them to keep calm. Thus, it improves the overall mental game.

Besides this, the role of cannabis inducing sleep and reducing muscle spasms is also effective in improving the overall fitness goals.


Whether you go for a high-intensity workout or opt for low-impact activity, you’ll find a cannabis strain that will help you achieve your fitness goals . Sativa dominant strains are suitable for the pre-workout time, and Indica dominant strains are ideal for post-workout sessions as a standard rule.

Ensure that you start with a small dosage and steer clear of the cannabis during your workout session. Once you learn about its effects, gradually increase the dose as per your individual needs.

Cannabis-infused Aerobic Workouts- A Perfect Blend

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