Can I use IPL Hair Removal every week?

Can I use IPL Hair Removal every week?

Can I use IPL Hair Removal every week? It is one of the frequently asked questions. Users have a wrong notion that repeat sessions would give more lasting results. But that’s not true. You must not cross the required frequency in a week and go for only good-quality laser hair removal devices to avoid any possible side effects. Let’s understand in a deep manner.

How many times can I use IPL in a week?

A smaller and less powerful substitute to laser rays, the IPL hair removal is no wonder a rapidly growing sensation. The low-intensity light coupled with its highly portable device structure makes it very convenient for regular usage. Thus, using IPL devices 2-3 times a week in the starting phase has been reported to be absolutely safe. Like all other hair removal methods, the body takes time to grow habituated to the new exposure, and hence, regularity is critical to ensure less unwanted hair .

Why do I need to use the IPL so many times?

Our body hair grows through many growth phases and is generally much coarser and dense. This is mostly because of the amount of melanin and pigment of our skin has in certain areas. That is why pubic and underarm hair is very difficult to deal with and needs a greater focus on their removal. Thus, using IPL once or twice may not give you a satisfactory result due to their density. The roots keep on going, and hence you might get yourself back with those pesky stubborn little demons in no time.

However, when used 2-3 times a week, eventually, the hair in such areas grows thinner and less dense. Thus, every time the device is used, it penetrates deep into the skin more efficiently, burning out the hair from its root. Moreover, it also pushes growing hair follicles into a dormant stage which lets you enjoy a clean, hairless body for a much longer time.

How long do I need to regularize using IPL?

Depending upon the body texture, melanin composition, and other critical factors, users may need to regularize the above-said process for at least 3-4 months. The same also depends upon the machine’s technical specifications and the intensity of the pulsed light. For instance, if an individual uses a device with extremely low-intensity light, the sessions might require a much longer time to show satisfactory results. This duration might go on for as long as 5-6 months. However, if a high-intensity light is being used, the results might pop up much sooner.

Will I get to see results sooner if I use my IPL device more often?

An IPL hair removal brazilian device should never be used irresponsibly or more than instructed in the hope of getting faster results. No matter how low of a setting one might use, these pulsed lights will definitely deteriorate or, in worst-case scenarios, end up burning the skin layers. Every IPL device comes with a set of instructions and should only be used according to them. It is also advised to get in touch with a professional before buying one of these devices, as they are trained better to help you out with finding the perfect frequency according to your skin .


Now that you know the basics, buy yourself a laser hair removal device that is doctor-recommended and comes with a fair price that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

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Can I use IPL Hair Removal every week?

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