Are You Tired of Fine lines and Wrinkles? A Facelift Will Do the Trick

Are You Tired of Fine lines and Wrinkles? A Facelift Will Do the Trick

Are You Tired of Fine lines and Wrinkles? A Facelift Will Do the Trick : As we age, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear on the skin. Also, skin tissues begin to loosen up causing us to feel less confident.

Fortunately, this can be corrected with a face lift. A facelift surgery raises and repositions the tissue as well as the musculature. This is done on the eyelids, neck, jaw areas, nose, and forehead. Because of the results that are achieved, it has become one of the most performed plastic surgeries for facial rejuvenation . The following is an overview of a facelift procedure.

What types of lifting are possible?

Mini lifting

This procedure is associated with scars smaller than the classic ones. It provides a smaller detachment and, consequently, reduced scarring.

Temporal lifting

This procedure is aimed at lifting the temporal region, which results in better positioning of the eyebrow. This provides a look that is more youthful and vibrant.

Frontal lifting

Wrinkles in the forehead region and the musculature that “generated” the wrinkles are treated. This procedure provides skin with a smoother appearance .

Cervicofacial lifting

This procedure treats the face and neck and returns the tissues to their original position. It treats the flaccidity and excess skin of the face and neck. Furthermore, it treats the musculature below the skin.

Endoscopic lifting

This procedure is performed with the aid of an optical system that allows smaller incisions to be made, but without limiting the extent of the detachment. Because it is done under direct visualization, it is possible to preserve structures, which is not the case in other surgical modalities. The results are the same, but there is less trauma and more discrete scarring.

Eutrophic plastic

This is a new modality of facial lifting in which the incision is minimally restricted around the ear, within a radius of four centimeters. This technique does not cause the skin to detach and keeps the vessels and nerves of the face intact. It also prevents the final result from being artificial.

Who Qualifies for a Face Lift?

A facelift surgery is for those with fine lines, wrinkles, or excessive flaccidity on the face. It is also indicated for people who have deep grooves on the face, the famous “Chinese mustache”, wrinkles, and loss of muscle tone on the lower face. It is advisable to perform the procedure after the age of 40. This procedures is an excellent procedure for facial rejuvenation .

What is Important to Know Before Surgery and How to Prepare?

It is important that the patient is in good health. A complete analysis, with routine preoperative exams, is essential to assess not only the general health status, but also any specific health condition. In the specific preoperative period, aspects of the patient’s face are analyzed to reach a consensus on the possibilities that can be realized, often with photo analysis. In some cases, it is also advisable to combine other surgeries in order to reach a favorable final result. It is important that the patient has realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure.

What are the contraindications?

A face lift is not recommended for those with certain pre-existing illnesses, such as heart disease and diabetes. The procedure is also not suitable for very young people, who just want a preventive effect. A facelift is also not advisable to those with a distorted body image.

How is the procedure done?

The facial lifting is done through cuts that allow the professional to pull the skin, remodeling the underlying tissues below it, which are positioned to add volume in depressive areas, repositioning the face muscles . The incision can be made in different parts of the face, such as in the front or behind the ear and on the scalp, in the temporal region or in its lower part. A second incision, below the chin, may be necessary to improve the appearance of the neck. Sutures or skin patches are used to close the cuts. The lifting incision lines are well hidden in the scalp and in the natural contours of the face and ears. The procedure is done with local anaesthesia and sedation, but some cases may require general anaesthesia. The surgery can take between two and three hours.

What about the Postoperative Period?

One day of hospitalization is required before the facelift. After surgery, a bandage is placed around the face to minimize swelling and bruising. The dressing should be used between one and two days, according to the surgeon’s indication. Ice packs are also indicated. Edemas, ecchymosis, hypersensitivity in one area, and insensitivity in another are common to all patients, depending on each case. Plenty of rest in the first three days, after the surgery, is essential. Patients should also not make any physical effort for two weeks and avoid intense exercise for four weeks. Earrings are banned for a month. Avoid direct sunlight for three months. The patient should also avoid lying down after the surgery, and good nutrition will also help the healing process.

Can Complications Occur?

Bruising and swelling are the most common complications, but they usually do not compromise the result of the facial facelift. Among the rarest complications, however, are rupture of the sutures, numbness or other changes in skin sensitivity, necrosis of the skin or adipose tissue, poor healing, depigmentation of the skin, accumulation of fluid (seroma), anaesthetic risks, among others.

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Are You Tired of Fine lines and Wrinkles? A Facelift Will Do the Trick

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