All About Prebiotics And Their Importance For A Healthy Living

All About Prebiotics And Their Importance For A Healthy Living

All About Prebiotics And Their Importance For A Healthy Living : Whenever we talk about gut health, we always come across the word prebiotics. What are they and how important are they? Well, prebiotics is very important for our gut health. Prebiotics are a special type of plant fibers that facilitate the growth of gut bacteria.

It helps a lot in the digestion of foods we eat. It is interesting to note that these prebiotic foods act as food for bacteria. If you want to know health tips from experts and know the type of foods to eat, visit Modernfit .

What is gut health?

  • Gut health refers to the balance of microorganisms like bacteria that live in our digestive tract. Our digestive system consists of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine.
  • The food we eat is broken down into smaller particles and after waste is eliminated, the remaining enter the bloodstream as nutrients needed for the functioning of body parts.

To help gut bacteria grow, prebiotics is a good way to feed them. Let’s now look at some of the benefits of prebiotic foods.

Benefits of prebiotic foods:

  • Help to our immune system:

    There is a direct impact on the food we eat in our gut and so it is important that we eat right. Nearly 70% of immunity lies in our gut. The good bacteria that live in the gut send and receive signals and help to maintain the immune system. The natural defense system of the body is helped by good bacteria. The fibers that form part of food reach the gut and ferment in the large intestine to release compounds that help in the maintenance of our immune system.

  • Help our mental wellbeing:

    Serotonin which is called the happy hormone is responsible for the mood and mental health of a person. This hormone is said to originate in the gut. When a variety of good bacteria grows in the gut, it can facilitate staying in sound mental health.

  • Helps our sleep cycle:

    A healthy gut is also responsible for our sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential to stay healthy. When we have taken enough rest, our brain becomes alert and so we are able to concentrate on our work better. It is actually a cycle in a sense, good sleep helps the gut, and a good gut facilitates peaceful sleep.

  • Exercise and gut:

    To help in our fitness goals, exercise, and gut health work together. Athletic performance is also supported by the presence of many favorable bacteria. Modernfit helps you in directing towards the right type of workouts beneficial for your health.

Foods containing prebiotics:

  • Bananas mainly green, unripe ones have prebiotic effects.
  • Asparagus also helps in promoting friendly bacteria in the gut. It contains inulin content which will be 2-3 grams per 100gms of serving.
  • The pectin content in apples also helps in promoting the good bacteria in our intestines .
  • Whole oats are also a good source of prebiotics. They contain a good amount of beta-glucan fiber that helps maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

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All About Prebiotics And Their Importance For A Healthy Living

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