A Woman’s Guide to Maternity Dressing

As your baby bump grows, pregnant women find themselves unable to fit into all normal clothes. But there is no need to buy a whole new wardrobe of maternity wear. Three brands come together to provide you access to exceptional maternity clothes.

Women Fitness is here to share a guide for Maternity Dressing to look & feel your best:

Berkley Clothing is a luxury activewear line designed to make women feel beautiful, confident, and heathy during every moment of pregnancy and beyond. Berkley believes that when you look good, you feel good and that women should never have to sacrifice comfort for style (and vice versa.) The company celebrates pregnancy through soft, luxurious clothing that empowers women to stay active, celebrate every moment and most importantly, be themselves.


Janey Over-Belly Ultra Soft 7/8 Legging in Peppered Pink

Janey Over-Belly Foiled 7/8 Legging in Metallic Marbled

Retail Price: $ 98.00
Why they are the best:

• Provides full bump support with an ultra-soft, high stretch over-belly panel.

Key features include buttery supportive fabric, slimming side pockets, and a foldable panel for before, during and after pregnancy. Made from breathable, moisture-wicking fabric.

Designed in Dallas, made in Los Angeles.

For more visit: https://berkleyclothing.com/


• Cindy High Waisted High Shine 7/8 Legging in Speckled Black

• Cindy High Waisted Ultra Soft 7/8 Legging in Space Gray
Retail Price: $ 98.00
Why they are the best:

o Provides high waisted support and flexibility with elastic inset panels designed to give as the baby grows and snap back post-pregnancy.
Key features include: Buttery supportive fabric, slimming side pockets and comfortable inset elastic for the mom who doesn’t want full belly coverage. Made from breathable, moisture-wicking fabric.

Designed in Dallas, made in Los Angeles.

“The right clothes can make all the difference, and a pair of stylish, comfortable Berkley leggings may be all it takes to help a mom-to-be feel comfortable in her own skin,” said Hillary.

For more visit: https://berkleyclothing.com/


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