8 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Drug Rehab Center

8 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Drug Rehab Center

8 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Drug Rehab Center : You tried a lot to hold onto drug addiction, but everything seems to fall out? Addiction can worsen your relationship with friends, family, and the workplace. Holding onto your anger and depression seems to be another big issue.

When you are in such a situation, people can come up with various suggestions. But the question is, are they worth a trial? Can it help you in any way? Or are you ready to do so?

When things start to slip out of our hands, we can only trust professionals and experts if you are planning to get into a drug rehab center. Then, this article is for you.

Choosing a suitable rehab center is a crucial step as it will be deciding your future. So, we will make the selection process easier for you by highlighting eight questions you should ask before choosing a drug rehab center .

  1. The methodology adopted for drug treatment

    You must get aware of the methodologies adopted by the rehabilitation center. For example, some centers opt for chemical treatment, while others may use psychological treatment. If your preferred rehabilitation center uses a chemical treatment method, then BEWARE. It might introduce some new addiction with probably no solution.

    Ask the controllers what kind of chemical they use for the treatment if the name comes out to be methadone, buprenorphine, or suboxone. Then, detach yourself from the program immediately because these are just substitutes for your addiction, not the treatment. These programs are known as harm reduction processes that do not ensure sobriety.

  2. Time length of the program

    The duration of the program is an essential consideration. Some rehabilitation programs run for a considerably long period, while other programs are so brief that they hardly contribute enough to the patient’s wellbeing.

    You should know that a period of 28 days is not enough to get a patient to normal condition. However, the program can vary as per the level of damage caused to the patient.

    Most of the rehabilitation program ranges from 28 days to 3 months. The programs that are closer to 3 months of duration are better for your sobriety.

  3. What does the treatment involve?

    Rehabilitation centers adopt several ways to treat an addict . Some drug rehab centers make use of chemicals and medications. Others use a combination of physical training and medicine. Make sure that you know which medicines are to be used for the treatment process. For example, some centers use Valium and Xanxan. These are classes of benzodiazepine, which can be addictive if used for longer durations.

    A combination of medications and building physical health is always desirable. As they are not addictive, and they drive motivation. Some alcoholics are also treated with Antabuse . This drug is not addictive but has a lot of side effects, such as liver damage. Make sure you ask the controllers which medicines are used and what could be their possible side effects.

  4. Does the program involve the treatment of cravings?

    This point is often left out of consideration by families or the patients themselves. There are several occasions when the addicts decide to quit on their own. But, they often fail to achieve it due to physical cravings. It is the dominant reason why druggists fail to leave drugs. If your drug rehab center helps you fight to crave, then you can think of getting your original self back. But, if you are not getting the treatment to reduce to crave, then the urge to abuse drugs can increase.

    So, make sure the program you are getting enrolled in stresses detoxification and usage of nutritional food items.

  5. What to expect from the program?

    Every rehabilitation center has its terms and procedures to treat addiction. Some of them say it is necessary to follow the medication. Some stress on a 28-days detoxification program while others can monitor emotional and moral standards.

    Choose the center that fits your choice and what you feel more comfortable and appealing to. Family members also need to understand that the services must be by the patient’s choice. As the motivation to start comes from making the desired choice. Keep the points discussed before in mind to select a suitable option.

  6. Do they use personalized treatment methods?

    It is yet another essential point to consider. One should understand that what suits a person will not necessarily demand the other. Make sure that you ask whether the center follows a rigid treatment plan. Or they manipulate the procedure as per the patient’s need. The level of addiction is different for everyone. Hence, a personalized treatment method is required.

    Some are more comfortable with medications. Others might need counseling and emotional support in addition to medicines. If the center is open to provide these facilities, then you are good to go.

  7. Are the facilities accredited?

    This point talks more about the certification of the program. If you are not feeling very confident about the services offered, you should not hesitate to ask for certificates.

    Whether authorities recognize the program adopted by the center or not, an accredited facility is likely to be tested with introduced addiction and side effects along with the result.

  8. Availability of board-certified medical staff

    Any rehabilitation center has a mixture of certified and supportive staff. Some centers have strict timing for the staff members that are to be followed every day. Others do not work on a strict schedule.

    If the drug rehab center does not have board-certified staff for at least one-fourth of the day, it means you are cared for by the support staff most of the time. They are not trained enough to deal with cravings, relapses, or understand sudden changes in the patient. And it can cause difficulty in dealing with changes you undergo while in treatment.


Once you are enrolled in a rehabilitation program, you will get exposed to several new things daily. Your decision and selection will play a critical role in deciding your personality ahead. Extract all the necessary information about the rehabilitation center. If possible, try to talk to the patients who have been to the center. Asking about the experience of those who have been through the medications and treatment of the center will help you make an ideal choice.

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