8 Personal Care Product Upgrades You Never Knew You Needed

Try these cool new alternatives to your most-used toiletry items.

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Bruush Magenta

A Toothbrush for All Your Needs

With six cleaning modes, including one that’s gentle for sensitive teeth and one that shimmies and shakes to clean your tongue, the Brüush toothbrush changes at the press of a button to suit all your oral-care needs. The best part: It has a 30-day battery life, so you don’t have to worry about packing the charger with you on your nights away from home.

Brüush Toothbrush, $ 99, bruush.com

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best toiletry items | Selahatin ToothpasteImage Credit: Holt Renfrew

Toothpaste That Tastes Like a Cocktail

While on the subject of improving your oral hygiene, this cinnamon, orange and peppermint toothpaste adds a little extra flavour to the chore. It contains “four whitening agents” and contains fluoride, to strengthen tooth enamel.

Selahatin Escapist Whitening Toothpaste Beauty , $ 30, holtrenfrew.com

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