6 Mistakes You May Be Making in Spinning Class

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Spinning Mistake #2: Your posture is wrong

Now that your bike is adjusted, ask yourself how you feel on the bike. Are you comfortable? Is the movement smooth as you push the pedals? If you said no to any of those questions, check out this riding posture checklist and adjust your form.

  • Are your sit bones (the ischial tuberosity, which you feel in your bum when you sit down) planted evenly and balanced on the saddle (spin talk for bike seat)? When you’re standing on the pedals, is your body hovering over the middle of the bike?
  • Are your flat feet on the pedals?
  • Do you have a slight bend in your elbows and a light grip on the handlebars?
  • Is your core engaged? If someone were to come and poke you in the side, would you keep your balance on the bike?

Balance is key, says Lebovitz. It helps you engage the glutes and quads properly (and get a better workout). “You will be able to focus more on specific muscle groups and increase their power output or watts.”

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Spinning Mistake #3: Taking it easy

With spin, you have full control over how intense a class will be. “From person to person, gear 10, at a given cadence, can feel very different,” says Lebovitz. “Even day-to-day, a person’s energy and ability may fluctuate.” So how heavy the tension you put on your bike (by turning that knob which is typically below the handlebars) is personal, says Lebovitz.

“A good sweat, raised heart rate and breathlessness are generally pretty good indications of hard work in a given ride,” says Lebovitz. If it’s feeling easy, turn the knob until you’re feeling it in your legs.

Lebovitz says to compare your workouts too—remember where on the dial you worked. “As a general rule, if the power average does not seem to be improving over say 10 or more rides, the rider is probably not using enough power.”

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Spinning Mistake #4: You’re spending too much energy too early

Good spin instructors make sure that the class is paced effectively. This includes a good warm-up, intense cardio, sufficient strength conditioning and a much-deserved cool-down and stretch. Lebovitz says: “We tell new riders to keep it very easy for the first half of a class in order to ensure they have enough ‘left in the tank’ for the whole ride. With experience, riders get a feel for how hard they should start off in order to finish the class.” Use the structure of the class to get the most out of it, and use your warm-ups as that, not a gunfire sign to take off.

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