6 Effective Tips to Get More Protein in Your Diet

6 Effective Tips to Get More Protein in Your Diet

6 Effective Tips to Get More Protein in Your Diet : Knowing how to get more protein in your diet is essential. This is because protein is a slow-burning nutrient. It makes you feel full for a long time. Also, protein is thermogenic, and it creates a slight calorie burn that boosts metabolism when digested.

Thus, increased protein intake is an effective technique if you plan to lose weight or develop and maintain your muscles. You can best achieve any of these goals by considering some of the tips provided below.

  1. Eat protein-rich plant foods

    Adding protein-rich plant foods to your daily meals helps increase your protein consumption. This enables you to reach the recommended daily protein intake without the need to eat meat only. Also, resorting to this food type as a source of protein is quite convenient because these can be easily added to your meals.

    An excellent example of protein-rich plant foods are legumes that include beans, lentils, and peas. These can be used to prepare various dishes that you can eat during the day. Also, some of these legumes can be processed to become flour. This flour can be used as a replacement for regular flour. The technique allows you to enjoy flour-based foods such as manly burgers plus more proteins.

  2. Increase your dairy product consumption

    Dairy products are a rich source of protein. These are also rich in other essential nutrients such as iron, vitamin d and calcium. Given this, increasing your consumption of dairy products is an effective way to boost your protein intake .

    Besides that, consuming ample amounts of milk and yogurt prevents you from overeating. Consuming both products is proven to help increase the concentration of glucagon-like peptide YY and peptide-1, the hormones that tell the brain that your stomach is full. Thus, you can cut your food intake and successfully lose weight.

  3. Eat more animal protein-rich foods

    Meat is also regarded as a good source of protein. However, it would help if you were extra careful in increasing your meat consumption. This is because some have a high level of saturated fat that can boost the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and increase the risk of heart disease.

    To keep your cholesterol in the blood at a healthy level while maximising protein intake, make it a habit to prioritise poultry over red meat. For best results, eat skinless roasted chicken or skinless roasted turkey. Aside from that, you can also increase your consumption of fish. Eating fish allows your body to absorb more protein and increase good cholesterol levels in the blood. Finally, eating eggs is also helpful in boosting your body’s protein supply.

  4. Include protein-rich foods in every meal

    Upon knowing the most common foods rich in protein, it is best to include any of these in your daily meals. By consuming protein-rich foods regularly, your body will achieve the perceived benefits. Besides getting the needed protein, make sure to enjoy the foods you have added to your meals. For best results, create a meal schedule that will guide what food to prepare every day.

  5. Take protein supplements

    Eating foods rich in calcium do not guarantee that you are getting the right amount of protein in your body. Due to this, taking protein supplements can be regarded as a good option. These supplements are formulated in a manner that they can supply the amount of protein needed by the body.

    When choosing which supplement to use, go for the products with a high biological value (BV) score. Always keep in mind that the BV score serves as an indication that helps you determine how your body will use the supplement’s proteins. Thus, opting for a supplement with a higher BV score is your best option. Taking a supplement with a BV score of 100 means that your body will be able to use all the protein available.

  6. Try consuming protein shakes

    Aside from taking protein supplements, you can also boost your protein intake by taking protein shakes. Getting into protein shake consumption is regarded as the best option for individuals with a busy lifestyle. This is because this type of shake is easy to prepare and can be taken on the go. The shake is typically prepared by blending fruits, water or milk and a scoop of protein powder. Many protein shakes users who are not fond of using protein powder use protein-rich alternatives like Greek yogurt, butter, chia seeds or peanuts.

    Protein shakes are not only good for boosting the protein level in the body. It also helps in losing weight. Taking an ample amount of this shake relieves hunger and eliminates the need to eat snacks between meals.

Considering the things discussed earlier, getting more protein in your diet provides many benefits. Given this, it is best for you to stick to the practice of eating protein-rich foods. However, it is also essential that you eat foods that are rich in other essential nutrients . Thus, always make sure to eat a well-balanced diet.

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6 Effective Tips to Get More Protein in Your Diet

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