5 Menstrual Hygiene Habits to Avoid Every Time

5 Menstrual Hygiene Habits to Avoid Every Time

5 Menstrual Hygiene Habits to Avoid Every Time : As women experience their menses once every month. You may think that all of them are aware of the dos and don’ts that they should observe during this time of the month. Unfortunately, just a few of them do, and for the sake of personal hygiene, every woman must know.

As conversations keep opening up about menstrual health and hygiene, it will become easier for women to maintain the expected standards. How should a woman go about managing their period more easily?

Here are 5 menstrual hygiene habits that can cause infections and are a risk to your health if you do not avoid them.

  1. Using unclean sanitary napkins

    Whether you use sanitary pads or tampons, they should be clean before you use them. There is a reason as to why they are purchased in multiple covers to ensure they remain clean until during use. When you use unclean sanitary napkins, they lead to reproductive tract infections, fungal infections, and urinary tract infections . Although it may seem like a no-brainer tip, many women around the world use pieces of cloth, dried leaves, and other things as substitutes for pads. Therefore, ensure that the menstrual hygiene that you follow is not just cleaning your body on your periods, but ensuring that you use clean pads to avoid any infections.

  2. Poor disposal of sanitary pads or tampons

    You may be using all the right blog.publicgoods.com products for your menstrual care, but your disposal of them is unsafe. Today, society is facing a huge problem of disposal of sanitary stuff. Most women prefer to throw their sanitary napkins in their garbage bin, which ends up mixing with wet, dry, and other hazardous waste. This can cause serious health concerns, such as hepatitis B for the waste collectors. Plus, there is a societal health risk when the pads end up clogging roadsides and rivers contributing to toxic air pollution from garbage dumps.

  3. Wearing a pad for too long

    Many women are guilty of this and it is one of the worst ways to do it if you are concerned about your menstrual care. Not changing your pads or tampons frequently at least every 6 hours will cause some health concerns . For instance, you are more prone to develop vaginal yeast infections and rashes, and not forgetting there is a side effect of developing a bad odor. Therefore, no matter how light your flow may be, it is safe and better to change your pad often in a day.

  4. Not washing your hands

    Among the many things that we were taught at school, this is the most useful and important in many aspects. Also, when it comes to menstrual care, washing your hands after changing your pad is important to prevent hepatitis B or yeast infections . Therefore, if you were just relaxing watching a movie the whole day. It is best that before you wear a pad and after safely disposing of one that you wash your hands as a basic hygiene habit.

  5. Unprotected sex during your period

    Most women think that they cannot get pregnant if they engage in unprotected period sex. Yet, it is best to avoid it to ensure proper menstrual care. Although the chance of getting pregnant seems to be small. There is a possibility that you can get pregnant and not assuming that you are more likely to contract, HIV and hepatitis B, and sexually transmitted diseases like herpes during this time of the month. For these reasons, you must use protection not only because you can get pregnant but because you can contract diseases.

To sum up, women should avoid the above on their periods to keep off the effects of poor menstrual hygiene. Get sanitary napkins that have enough layers of protection and change your pads or tampons often and dispose of them safely. Importantly, ensure that you wipe yourself front to back all the time, even when you are not on your period. This ensures that you stay super clean unlike when you wipe back to front as it can cause bacteria from the bowel that can then lead to a urinary tract infection, which can become serious if not well treated.

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