5 Best Down Comforters for Sounder Sleep, According to Reviewers

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The lowdown on down comforters

There’s nothing like cuddling up under a down comforter. Made of light and fluffy goose or duck feathers, it offers an almost cloudlike experience, providing warmth without weight.

Although people tend to think of down comforters as winter bedding—they do make ideal gifts for people who are always cold!—the truth is they’re great all year round, thanks to their loftiness and breathability. On hot summer nights, try sleeping with cooling sheets underneath you and a light down comforter on top.

Even if you already have the right mattress, the best sheets, and the best pillows, a down comforter can elevate your sleep. Rest assured there’s one here for you.

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How to choose the best down comforter for you

Following the philosophy that the customer is always right, our choices for the best down comforters are based on the reviews of verified buyers. We’ve read thousands of comments from people who have actually used these comforters, and we’ve selected the ones with the most five-star reviews.

When narrowing down your selection of comforters, focus on a few key qualities.

Fill power: The first thing to consider is just how warm you want to be. Down comforters often come in different densities—lightweight, all-season, and warm—to help make your decision easier. In general, goose down offers more warmth than duck down, and the higher the fill power (a number that indicates loftiness and insulating efficiency), the warmer yet lighter the comforter will be. A 600 fill power will actually feel heavier and less fluffy than a 700 fill power.

RDS certification: You may want to buy a comforter that’s Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified, which means the down comes from animals that have not been subjected to harm.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification: This important certification shows that the comforter is free of dangerous substances that might harm your health.

Washing method: If you don’t want to bring your down comforter to the dry cleaner, make sure you buy one that’s machine washable. Although down comforters look great on their own, they’ll stay clean and last longer when placed inside a duvet cover. That’s why you’ll sometimes see them called duvets or duvet inserts.

Whatever you call them, here are 5 down comforters that are truly the stuff of dreams

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