4 Sun Hats to Protect Your Skin From UV Rays

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What to look for in a sun hat

Two factors make a big difference in how effectively a sun hat shields you from punishing UV rays: how much skin it covers and how much UV light it blocks.

Buy a wide-brimmed hat

The brim, or border, of the hat, should cover as much skin as possible. Front-brimmed hats, like baseball caps and visors, only shade the eyes, not the skin. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends a three-inch brim circumference or at least a three-inch bill with a permanently attached drape covering the ears and neck. The wider the brim, the more skin protection, so feel free to embrace your inner Audrey Hepburn.

“Luckily, many fashion hats are now embracing the fact that SPF is a key factor,” Dr. Shamban says.

Focus on UPF

In addition to the brim, pay attention to the UPF rating. According to the official Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation, your best bet is to opt for a UPF of at least 30.

Double up

“Don’t forget to include sunglasses to protect your eyes,” says Ellen Marmur, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of MMSkincare in New York. “The skin around your eyes is very thin, sensitive, and prone to wrinkling.” Donning sunglasses along with a hat adds extra protection.

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Best sun hats for sun protection

Before you hit the beach, get to work in the garden, or go for a leisurely walk outside, invest in a sun hat. It’s one of the best skin habits to follow. The following picks are good option for coverage, UV protection, and style.

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Coolibar Womens Etta Shapeable Sun Catcher Hat Upf 50

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Coolibar Women’s Etta Shapeable Sun Catcher Hat UPF 50+

US$ 49, coolibar.com

Coolibar is known for its sun-protective hats, and it’s one of Dr. Marmur’s favorite brands. This fabric hat covers the delicate decolletage, is packable, and is made from a lightweight and breathable fabric with a UPF 50+ rating.

The faux lace detail under the brim makes it feel more feminine. The neck drawstring also makes it perfect for boating or other outdoor activities.

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