37 Eco-Friendly Items That’ll Help You Go Green This Spring

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Eco Friendly Goods Vege Home

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Grow On

Grow herbs and small veggies in your own kitchen year-round with this small indoor gardening device. Worried about your not-so-green thumb? It comes with an automatic lighting system that makes it easier to keep plants alive.
The Jardin, $ 100, thevegehome.com

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Eco Friendly Sustinable Bathroom Items

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Better Beauty Buys

Out with the toothpaste tube, in with the toothpaste tab. Just place one of the toothpaste bites in your mouth, crush it with your teeth, grab a wet toothbrush, and clean your pearly whites, waste-free.
Bamboo jar + Toothpaste with Nano-Hydroxyapatite, $ 22, tanit.co 

This certified organic bamboo toothbrush is anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and antibacterial, making it a healthy and eco-friendly pick.
Brush with Bamboo, $ 11, kmhtouches.com

With soft bristles and a compostable bamboo base, this toothbrush makes a sustainable option.
Bamboo Toothbrushes, starting at $ 7, bohoandhobo.ca

We love this shampoo for its good-for-the-environment ingredients, but also because of its packaging: instead of coming in plastic, it’s delivered in a recyclable aluminum tube.
Waterless Shampoo Concentrate, $ 28, helloeverist.com

This hand wash is a sustainable pick—from its package to its formula—that also satisfies. Featuring all-natural ingredients, it has anti-bacterial properties and keeps hands moisturized.
Elva’s Blend Thieves & Thyme Hand Soap & Body Wash, starting at $ 18, elvasallnaturals.com

At first, we fell in love with these lipsticks/eyeshadows for being completely plastic-free. Then, we fell in love with their vibrant hue, shimmer finish and creamy texture.
Axiology Cotton Candy Skies, $ 46, thedetoxmarket.ca

These divine-smelling natural deodorants come in various formulas, including one for sensitive skin and one made with activated charcoal. Once you’ve used it up, bring the jar to one of their many stockists across Canada, and have it refilled.
Routine deodorant, $ 28, routinecream.com

We love our cotton buds (how do you do a cat-eye without one?) but most are bad for the environment. Thank Gaia for this bamboo alternative.
Bamboo Cotton Buds: $ 6, Marshalls

Made out of silk and packaged in a reusable glass jar, floss just got the eco-friendly (and high-end) treatment. Extra luxe points for its sleek silver carrying case.
Flosspot Travel Case, $ 15, kmhtouches.com

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Eco Friendly Sustinable Home Items

Image: Suech and Beck

Upgrade to Eco-Essentials

If you’re not using a linen towel, you’re missing out. This blush pick from Flax Sleep is super soft, antimicrobial, and dries quickly—what more could you want post-soak?
Flax Sleep The Bath Towel, $ 78, flaxsleep.com

Ditch detergent jugs in favour of these pre-portioned, concentrated strips, which come in scented and unscented. Every 30 strips save a 1-litre plastic jug from being added to a landfill.
Good Juju Laundry Detergent Strips (30-pack), $ 15, hellogoodjuju.com 

Abandon plastic applicators for good with this silicone menstrual cup, which holds up to four tampons-worth of liquid.
Nixit Menstrual Cup, $ 54, letsnixit.ca

Featuring a Japanese Cypress handle and made with palm fibres, this handcrafted broom will last up to 20 years. Plus, its petite shape makes it apartment-friendly.
Takada Handy Broom with Japanese Cypress Handle, $ 70, goodeeworld.com

The Swedes have been using sponge cloths for cleaning for over 60 years—and for good reason: They’re biodegradable, last up to a year, and can replace up to 17 rolls of paper towel.
Ten + Co, Vintage Fruit Sponge Cloth, $ 6 each, rosecitygoods.com

The 2021 dustpan is not like the plastic variety of yore. It’s handcrafted, made of wood, and sustainable.
Takada Natural Wood Dustpan (Small), $ 50, goodeeworld.com

Swap plastic food wraps for beeswax covers that can be easily secured onto glass bowls, wiped-clean, and used over and over again.
Patterned Beeswax Wraps (set of 3), $ 17, Winners

Dryer balls cut down on the time needed to machine-dry clothes, which cuts down on energy and saves you money. These biodegradable wool ones make your clothes softer, too.
EWE Went ECO Dryer Balls (6-pack, $ 22), elvasallnaturals.com

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