36 Items for a Happy, Healthy Home Office

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Desk Setup Essentials 3

Photography: by Suech and Beck | Styling: Franny Adler

Mark Your Calendar

Plan your days and weeks in style with this poster-size wall calendar.
Wall planner, $ 55, 313designmarket.com

Add this modern clock to your gallery wall to help you stick to a schedule and avoid working after-hours.
Wall clock, $ 40, confectiondecor.com

Major Zoom gesticulator? Protect yourself (and your tech) from accidents spill-proof cup.
Mug with lid, $ 15, Winners

When the days start to get shorter, boost your workplace ambiance with a candlelit glow.
Ceramic Candlestick, $ 35, shophacienda.com

Swap your Bics for these vibrantly designed fine ballpoint pens.
Miami pen, $ 7, 313designmarket.com

(Also, be sure to get yourself a good ergonomic chair—here are our three top picks, all available in Canada.)

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Desk Setup Essentials 1

Photography: by Suech and Beck | Styling: Franny Adler

Work the Room

Pens, paper clips, sticky notes and chargers are all easy to store (and tote around) in this oak organizer.
Draft caddy, $ 100, eq3.com

No more frantic searching for your pen with this minimalist oak pencil box.
Pencil box, $ 40, eq3.com

When you’re looking straight at your monitor, the centre of your vision should line up with the centre of the screen. This laptop stand helps you do just that, while its ventilation function will ensure your computer doesn’t sound like it’s about to take off into space.
Ventilated laptop stand, $ 85, dskcustom.com

Hit play on your favourite podcast or concentration-boosting tunes, and enjoy them through this bright desktop speaker.
Portable speaker, $ 45, 313designmarket.com

Give your deskmate (a.k.a. your plant) a colourful home with this small pot, hand- painted in Vancouver.
Planter, $ 40, pictusgoods.com

This terrazzo catch-all will give your many, many sticky notes a home base. 313 Design Market Pretti.
Cool Sticki Note Holder, Marigold Terrazzo, $ 43, 313designmarket.com

Add texture to your office gallery wall with this woven art, handmade in Toronto.
Handwoven wall hanging, $ 130, shophacienda.com

This adorable little air purifier will help remove airborne particles—including allergens, house dust, dust mites, pet dander, mould, viruses and bacteria—to keep you breathing easy.
Mila purifier, US$ 349, milacares.com

(Here’s what working from home does to your body.)

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