3 Must-Do’s to Speed Up Weight Loss

3 Must-Do’s to Speed Up Weight Loss

Speed Up Weight Loss : You’ve probably experienced the joy of having a food baby once or twice. After a fine dessert full of added sugars, dairy, refined carbs, or gluten – boom, you can send out personal invitations to your “baby shower.” As common as having a bloated belly is… it’s extremely uncomfortable .

And while 1 out of 5 of us experience bloating or severe IBS , let’s agree that we already have a lot on our shoulders – hormones, period cramps and bloating, moon phases, circadian rhythms, craving monsters… To balance and juggle all these things requires some warrior skills!

Feeling sluggish, lethargic, weighed down, and just not yourself is not on your new season’s bucket list. And you can easily change that by following these 3 anti-bloat tips.

  1. Use a Yoga Mat or Foam Roller

    A little bit of extra physical stimulation or a colon massage didn’t hurt anybody. If you have any sort of sports equipment around you – even better!

    Just roll around gently on the floor, softly press the bloated areas, do a couple of squats, and get those bowels moving. Even a 20-minute walk or light stretch can relieve the stiffness in your intestine and help your gut digest food faster and smoother.

  2. Drink a Glass of Fiber Supplement Smoothie

    When feeling puffy or full, try to stay away from laxatives as well as stimulant teas. Nothing personal, but you can get really dependent on them, and we are here trying to promote a natural way to relieve the gas build-up in your gut.


    As for fiber supplements , these are the easiest and most effective boosters to improve digestive health and reduce that lifebuoy around the waist. And if you want a tasty and refreshing version of it – we do have that too.

    ColonBroom comes in a powder form and offers a beneficial strawberry-flavor shake which goes well with any diet and meal. Check it out HERE .

  3. Practice Mindful Eating

    We know this sounds really basic, but… it’s true. Most of the time, we don’t even enjoy our meals properly and just gauge on massive portions of food until we feel heavy and bloated.

    Instead of rushing, slow down and enjoy the food that’s in front of you. Savor the smell, taste, and texture of each bite, and stop eating if you’re feeling full.

    Practicing mindful eating will help you appreciate your food, not overeat, and avoid that unnecessary bloating in no time.


Bloating, IBS, and other gut malfunctions are some of the most annoying everyday triggers. Since we’re so busy and overcrowded with delicious fast food, it’s normal to have that bulging waist. The most important thing to avoid it is to listen to your gut (pun intended) and slowly start changing your habits.

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3 Must-Do’s to Speed Up Weight Loss

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