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22% of Americans Would Give up Sex For a Year to Lose 10 Pounds

22% of Americans Would Give up Sex For a Year to Lose 10 Pounds

22% of Americans Would Give up Sex For a Year to Lose 10 Pounds : Would you give up sex for 12-months if it meant you could lose 10 pounds? Nearly 1-in 4 (22%) of surveyed people said they would.

Interestingly enough, only 17% of respondents said that they would give up their favorite streaming service for a year to lose 10 pounds.

The pandemic lockdown has been hard for everyone, which is why more than 71 million Americans have gained weight during the Pandemic. Some people are dealing with a few unwanted pounds or inches, while others are dealing with the aptly named Quarantine 15 .

A new study by Gelesis and Kelton Global recently explored the American pandemic weight loss epidemic, and how it’s impacting those suffering through it.

Losing Weight is Seen as Being as Bad as Being Overweight

One of the report’s most startling insights was that more than 116 million Americans that have tried to lose weight found the experience to be, “almost as miserable as being overweight.”

One of the things that makes it such a hateful experience is the frustration that most people experience along the way. Dedication and discipline don’t guarantee results. Millions of people give up their favourite foods and start working out, only to be disappointed by the number they see on the scale.

Weight loss also gets progressively harder and more frustrating as you age. This is why so many people have discovered the benefits of liposuction and they have seen how it can help take them where diet and exercise can’t.

Gaining Weight is as Bad as Missing Christmas

Interestingly enough, the study also revealed that the anxiety from weight gain and the sadness from missing our loved ones are pretty much on the same level.

Roughly 53% of respondents said that they are concerned about losing weight during the pandemic, while only 54% said that they were worried about not seeing their families over the holidays.

As a whole, 71% of those surveyed said that their weight impacts how they feel about their identity, and these numbers were even higher among the women and parent demographics.

60% of the women surveyed said they are currently feeling down about the way they look, whereas only 44% of men gave the same answer. At the same time, younger Millennial-aged women (65%) were more likely than their older Gen X (47%) and Boomer (39%) women counterparts to say they’re feeling more stressed or anxious.

The Silver Lining

The report wasn’t all bad news. Many Americans were forced to think about what they’re eating and how they’re eating it for the first time ever.

Roughly half (51%) of those surveyed said that they have been cooking at home more often during the pandemic, and another 50% said they are drinking more water . Both of these things are very good for you.

Meanwhile, nearly a third of respondents said they are enjoying more meals sitting down with the whole family.

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22% of Americans Would Give up Sex For a Year to Lose 10 Pounds

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