18 Products to Tame Frizzy Summer Hair

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Frizzy Hair Products | products for frizzy hair

Best Hair Products for Frizzy Hair

Researchers say that acceptance starts with acknowledgement, so here we go: Frizz is a fact of life, and it begins the moment you step out of the shower. Frizzy hair is truly the great equalizer of humankind because everyone’s bound to wind up with a humidity-provoked pouf once in a while, regardless of hair texture or length.

The main reason for this problem, to put it simply, is a moisture imbalance, which causes the moisture particles to reshuffle in an attempt to create balance, and that can lead to dry hair in the winter and frizz in the summer. Luckily, the best frizzy hair products can change everything.

“Frizzy hair does not have to be permanent,” reassures Taliah Waajid, a natural hair entrepreneur. “Keep your hair and scalp clean, reduce the amount of heat that you use on your hair, and use products that contain ingredients to help reduce frizz.”

And there are tons of products to choose from—which is great but also a little overwhelming. That’s why we talked to pro stylists to get the scoop on exactly what you need, for every type of hair, styling preference, and budget. From the best shampoos for curly hair and conditioners that smooth strands to miracle serums and rich oils, these expert-recommended options will tame frizzy hair.

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Ouai Air Dry Foam | products for frizzy hair

Image: Ouai

Ouai Air Dry Foam

$ 37, sephora.com

For not-quite-straight but not-quite-curly type 2 hair, celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons’ go-to style is the model-off-duty vibe of effortless beach waves. And to make the styling actually effortless, he suggests scrunching Ouai’s wave-activating, anti-frizz foam to damp strands. Just make sure to avoid the root, he says, because although this hair texture isn’t as prone to oiliness as super straight hair, it’s not completely free of the easy-to-grease struggle. This deliciously scented formula filled with kale extract allows damp hair to air-dry into waves of perfection with no frizz in sight.

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