13 Silent Signs You Have a UTI

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You feel tired or unwell

When your body is trying to fight off an infection it’s quite normal to not feel like your usual self. You may be more tired than usual, achy or weak. If you are experiencing other UTI symptoms as well, chances are you might have one.

You feel pain or pressure in your lower abdomen

Another area that can be sensitive when you are suffering with a UTI is your pelvic area or lower abdomen. You may also feel cramping, dull or sharp pains, or pressure around the bladder.

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Your temperature is high

It’s not normal to have a high temperature when you’re suffering from a bladder infection. But if you notice your temperature is over 38 degress Celsius (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit) it can indicate the infection has moved to the kidneys or prostate.

You have nausea or vomiting

“You can have nausea or vomiting from severe pain,” says Dr. Feuerstein, although it’s not a common symptom of a UTI. It can be a sign you have an upper UTI that’s moved up into your kidneys and should be checked out.

“If you end up with a kidney infection you’ll have high back pain, too,” explains Dr. Feuerstein. “It’s called the costovertebral angle, which is at the base of the ribs.”

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You’re experiencing shaking and chills

Another symptom that can accompany an upper UTI is shaking and chills. This occurs as a response to your body fighting off a bacterial or viral infection, and could be an indication you have a UTI that has spread.

Next, learn about the pain symptoms that require immediate attention.

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