12 Things Most People Don’t Realize About Domestic Violence

In just five minutes—by the time you finish this article—nearly 100 people will have been the victims of violence from their intimate partner.

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Domestic violence is more common than you realize

Of all the crime reported in Canada in 2016, over one quarter was the result of family violence, according to the Government of Canada, and 79 percent was committed against women. But myths about who it happens to and what it “looks like” can prevent victims from seeking help, warns Ruth Glenn, the Coalition’s president and CEO. Here’s what women need to know.

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It’s not always physical

Domestic violence may literally have the word “violence” in its name, but problems extend way beyond just physical assault—so yes, even if you’re not being hit, it can still be abuse. “It’s about how much power and control they can have over someone,” says Glenn.  Power and control can be exerted over someone in a number of ways, which is why domestic abuse doesn’t have a single definition and it takes multiple forms. Abuse can be economic (controlling all of the finances), emotional, sexual, or may involve isolation, coercion, threats, and more.

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